Major Nelson: many Xbox shows to support our line-up

Really really interesting. With 23 First party Studios, two big show aren’t enough


Awesome. I wonder when the first digital showcase will be. Maybe March after the ZeniMax deal gets finalized legally.

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Interesting :thinking:

It will be good to showcase Zenimax games when they become part of xbox officially.

E3 2021 will be huge.

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I’m still holding out for an inside Xbox showcase in February or March.


He’s talking about his podcast there, not E3 type shows.


This week’s podcast was an interview with Hitman 3 dev, so he is telling us to expect more interviews [on the podcast] for upcoming releases.


Watched the source vid. It is quite literally nothing imho. Just a throwaway comment that there is more stuff in 2021 which is obvious.

Gonna do my best to not get my hopes up too much, but imagine them announce a special Bethesda show where Starfield gets a big reveal ala Fallout 4 and a rleease date for this year or early next year.

I’m gonna jump through my ceiling of happiness, haha. I was giddy as fuck when Fallout 4 was revealed in such a great way.


E3 is pretty much dead though. I’m expecting a Digital Xbox Games Showcase in June as the replacement for E3.

It actually misleading to say E3 and Xbox. Xbox doesn’t join E3 officially. They just happen to be very close to where the E3 happens around the same time.

I know that. I meant in general that E3 is done. I see every publisher having their own digital showcase(s) throughout the year to replace their E3 showcases. I’m only hoping that publishers do their main show in the same month instead of 2020 where everything was spread out.

Xbox will be owning the narrative for game releases with the acquisition of Bethesda. They can release a AAA per quarter.

More Nintendo style directs is welcome. Sometimes it feels like we only get big Xbox news during E3.

People are reading into this wrong, he just means more YouTube stuff on his channel.