Mafia developer Hangar 13 hit with layoffs

Hangar 13 can’t catch a break. The studio behind Mafia III , which suffered multiple rounds of layoffs in the years that followed its 2016 launch, is once again on the chopping block. Kotaku has learned that in addition to a steady stream of departures, developers across the studio’s three global sites have been let go, with close to 50 laid off at Hangar 13’s Novato, California office.

Its a sad time for the studio. Hope everyone can find new work quickly


Always sad to see layoffs and the studio seems to be going through a tough time. Although I suspect the people who have been laid-off should land on their feet fairly quickly due to the demand for videogame developers.

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Wonder what that means for Nick’s Top Spin rumor.

I dunno why you’d lay any game developers off in this market. Just put them to use on something else.

I believe two of the 4 games they were working on were canceled and its hard to merge 2 teams into a budget… so i can def see why some were laid off.

It sucks…

It’s probably down to not having money to pay the people sadly. While it seems like it should be possible in those cases to say hey we have capacity for hire, pay us, it seems like that doesn’t happen often. Almost seems like they could have tried to sell the team to sumo or something though. Dunno. Might not be the entire team