Mafia Definitive Edition Leaked Gameplay Walkthrough


Here is a big gameplay walkthrough of Mafia Definitive Edition leaked recently.

It looks good! Glad to see a full blown Remake of one of the best games getting so much care.

You can watch it without downloading it.


I have never played any Mafia games before. I am really interested in trying this game out.

Hope it comes to Game pass at some point

The 3 Mafia games have great deep engaging stories. The 1st is the best for me hands down.

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Not going to download it and watch it since im day one on PS4 Pro. Enjoyed both Mafia II and Mafia III. Mafia Remake is the only game that I have never played. Very much looking forward to it and it’s only $40. Expecting a good 15 or so hour story driven game with better gameplay and combat from Mafia III. One more week to go!!!

It’s all up to you do as you please. You can watch it without downloading it.

Thought it was a download. My mistake. I clicked on it but stopped after 10 seconds or so. I don’t really want to see anything. A week away, I’ll just wait until I play the game. But good for those who want to watch gameplay before buying it.

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No problem. The game is looking great I can tell you that.

Yes, it does. Looking forward to it. Are you going to play it?

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Yes day 1 already bought it on my X1X for really cheap as soon as it was available. Thought I would wait to play on XSX but it is hard to sincerely.

Nice. And yeah, it’s definitely hard to wait especially since they haven’t announced a next gen upgrade or anything.

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Indeed. Will you play in classic simulation mode? I will.

That’s where you have obey the traffic lights and stuff right? If so, probably.

Yep exactly

Console footage? After Mafia 3 I’m kinda…yeah I’ll wait, on this.

The 1st is the best. The 3rd was rushed because of the publisher forcing them to speed up you know why

Yeah it’s sad. Because Mafia 3 does has have moments of greatness.

Yes great story but repetitive missions and they knew it but executives wouldn’t listen because money

I remember playing this years ago, was so good.

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I’ve owned the original since that came out way back when, but never got past that race, so I’m really looking forward to this remake. Thanks to Game Pass, but this will be my first day-one purchase of the year!