MachineGames (Wolfenstein franchise) celebrates 10th Anniversary with special sales and bundles this month (33% to 67% off)

Just finished New Order. Excellent

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Yeah it’s good. Old Blood has much less story and character stuff going on but is a fun homage to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

W2 is controversial on the internets (though it reviewed well). I liked how it played a lot.

YB is okish but not on the same level as any of the others - nor did I really expect it to be, as it’s an online coop focused entry in the series released at budget price.


It’s still my favorite Wolfenstein game from Machine Games, that being said The Old Blood and The New Colossus are also great games. The One X version of TNC is awesome too, the performance option in the visual settings which prioritizes frame-rate is so good. Also the difference between TNO, TOB and TNC visual wise is pretty big, the jump from id Tech 5 to id Tech 6 is immense.

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Yeah visual difference is enormous. New Colossus’ engine was kind of like a halfway point between 6 and 7 based on interviews about it.

Other than the uncapped framerate stuff (which is not a factor on xbox), my fave single change was probably the introduction of Doom’s TSSAA solution which immediately cleans up all the untreated edges in the game. AA seemed to be applied very early in the rendering pipeline in idTech 5 resulting in pretty jaggy games even at 1440p or higher. Doom, TNC, and Doom eternal all look so clean.


I already own all Wolfenstein games from this generation, so no need to buy them again for me. But if you haven’t, I strongly recommend you to have a go at them. Loved all of them. Gave me some very memorable moments in gaming, which i most likely never forget.

If anyone missed this sale, it seems like most of these are on sale again on the MS store for Black Friday. Not quite as good a deal, but still pretty decent.