LTTP Rage 2 - Its really good fun

As my games backlog is so big (150+ games at this point) I have only just got around to playing Rage 2. I really love this game and I hope that Rage 3 is currently in development. I also really hope that MS buy Avalanche Studio, they really fit well with MS and seem to be getting alot closer as well with Contraband and Second Extinction. But, I digress.

The negatives at this point would be the huge amount of pop in and really slow refresh rate on shadows for instance, so its limited graphically (Im playing on a series x). Im not sure why they switched from idtech engine to Apex, but with the series consoles having SSDs and much faster RAM alot of the shortcomings would be fixed.

Rage 2 has the best gun play of any game I have played. Its that good.

I was looking to download any DLC for it, and I found one (Ghosts) but I couldnt buy it from the xbox store for some reason. The only way to get it is to buy the deluxe version of the game, which I dont want to do as I alreadt purchased Rage 2 to begin with. Am I doing something wrong here?

Who else loves this game? Max Mad is also on my backlog, and considering Avalanche made that as well, I will have to put that next on the play list. Is Mad Max any good? How does it compare to Rage?

I liked it but cant figure out how to do the final mission so i gave up

I don’t remember much about Mad Max other than driving around a lot in the car. Rage 2 is one i’ll have to return to sometime and finish. The first one wasn’t much but I liked it got a sequel.

I really enjoyed Rage 2 - you’re totally right the gunplay is absolutely SUPERB. There’s a bunch about the game that is just kind of underwhelming but who gives a god damn when you’ve got that excellent gunplay. Even typically dull open world stuff is elevated massively just because it’s so consistently fun to play.

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I really liked it. The only thing i didn’t like was how you advance the main story was basically doing side content. It was the same in Dragon Age Inquisition it was kinda annoying.

RAGE2 was an awesome game with just one flaw (for me). The gameplay really came alive after you had a couple of upgrades installed which enhanced your abilities, and wish I had more time using all those abilities. I finished the game and still wasnt bored with it. I wanted more, but there was nothing left to do. Not something very common for me.

Oh and Mad Max is also an awesome game! Highly recommended. Upgradable cars, upgradable bases, cool car battles, yeah… great game as well. One of the reasons i cannot wait the get started with Contraband to be honest. I have high hopes for that title after playing Just Cause, Mad Max and Rage 2.

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I enjoyed the gunplay, driving and world exploration, but the story and character development were weak. I would be interested in a sequel, but would like to see more of a complete package.

Rage 2 was a great game. Really enjoyed it. The shooting and abilities were top notch and so much fun. The world was solid. The music and audio was great. Story and characters were good but way too fucking short. Hoping Contraband doesn’t have a short story. Mad Max was 15 missions and Rage 2 was around half of that. Wanted more of the story and sadly, it didn’t happen. Second negative was the car combat. Nowhere close to Mad Max.

Would love a Rage 3 though. Just give me better car combat similar to Mad Max (this is what im hoping for in Contraband) and a far longer story.

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There was talk that Avalanche were ready to go with a Rage 3 and had a heap of ideas they wanted to do. Is there any idea if its in development?