Lost Odyssey- Needs sequel

I work at home and usually have the tv in my office on playing music on YouTube.

For some strange reason video game OST started to populate my page and the gem that is Lost Odyssey starting playing.

It immediately brought be back to the 360 era. This game needs a sequel pronto! What a gem of a game. I know Microsoft is broadening their portfolio with acquisitions and how they want a Japanese studio.

It would be amazing if they acquired or contracted a studio to work on the sequel. I know Sakaguchi still has mistwalker, they need to get on a sequel asap.


They absolutely need a jrpg exclusive. Im not sure a sequel to Lost Odyssey makes sense though. It’s been a long time and the game didn’t have the largest fan base (though I personally love it and would enjoy a sequel).


Thing about Mistwalker is that they were always an extremely tiny team. They didn’t make Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey on their own. Most of the game development part was handled by Artoon (BD) and feelplus (LO). Mistwalker handled writing and concepts and stuff like that.

Pulled from Wikipedia

Mistwalker handled the story and character design, Feelplus developed the actual product, while Microsoft provided funding, project management and testing.

So the big question is, even if MS partners with Mistwalker again, who’s gonna be the team who actually makes the game, I wonder? Both Artoon and feelplus were absorbed into AQ Interactive which was then absorbed into Marvelous Inc (who is only just barely coming back around to Xbox with recent Rune Factory and Story of Seasons ports) who I am for sure is not ready for the AAA expectation a Lost Odyssey sequel would have.

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Toylogic which made Nier Replicant with Taro could be a good choice. They did a great job with the remake.

Also if MS grows Tango enough (like multiple teams) could be a good support studio for a big project like this.


I’m just imagining Lost Odyssey in 202X being some terrible real time thing like Square has been putting out lately.

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Confession: I have not played Lost Odyssey. It sits there, deep down in the backlog.


Lost Odyssey was fantastic.

A Lost Odyssey 2 would be an Xbox E3 of dreams level of moment for me


It would be the Shenmue 3 of the Xbox E3 of dreams.


You mean we’d pretend we were super hyped to play a sequel to a series most of us never played and would release as an absolutely terrible sequel?

How dare you

It is funny though looking back how people look so fondly at that Sony E3 when only 1 of them ended up being any good


Yeah Toylogic seems like a good and realistic choice. Even outside of Lost Odyssey they’d be a good possible partner for an XGSP JRPG.

JP Games is another partner I’ve been thinking about for a good partner for a JRPG (LO or not).


Lost Odyssey is literally one of the best JRPG’s ever made. It’s a shame how overlooked it is.


I laughed

JP Games would be a phenomenal partner if Xbox could pull it off. Just would let them create whatever they want though, not Lost Odyssey.


I support this demand. Lost Odyssey for life!

I would shame you, but we’re both in the same boat.

Blue Dragon specifially has been one I’ve been so hyped to play over the years, just haven’t gotten to because of all the other games I’ve been catching up on.:sweat_smile:

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I loved Lost Odyssey, not for the gameplay but for the world, characters, and story. I wouldn’t mind another traditional turn based game, but I honestly wouldn’t mind an Action RPG or gameplay more in line with that of FFVII:R, Tales of , or Star Ocean. It’d be lovely to catch up with Kaim and the gang (minus those kids!), but a new cast with new immortals in the same world telling a different tale altogether would be awesome.

I like this and actually think it makes sense. As fun as the turn based combat was, being real time like FF:VII makes sense.

Your idea about a brand new cast could also work. As much as I like the original cast, if we’re given a new cast of immortals in a different time period, it can work and stand on its own with some call backs to the original.

I feel like if Microsoft had a legitimate Japanese studio besides Tango, maybe there might have been a possibility of a sequel to this or Blue Dragon (which I also adored).