Looks like you need to renew XBLG or XGPU. But we DO have XGPU

Here’s the problem.

For the last three years I was the primary Game Pass Ultimate user, so I was the one that downloaded Games with Gold games, never any issues. And my brother was secondary user.

This time around however for the next three years he wanted to be primary user so that he can use Xcloud. But it seems this jas introduced new issues we aren’t familiar with.

I tried to start Tropico 5 which is a GwG game, I get the error:

Looks like you need to renew Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This game was acquired using GwG. Unless the person who acquired it has XLG or XGPU, you’ll need to buy the game to play it. If the buyer’s subscription ie current, try quitting and relaunching the game.

Game Pass games all work fine, but it gives these errors with Games with Gold games I acquired previously. Anything I can do about this?

Very weird, I started up Escapists which was also a GwG game, that DOES work. Wtf!

I think, but not entirely sure, so could be wrong… I think it will be an issue if you attempt to play any GwG game that you got but he did not “get” at the time with his GwG. If you look at his history, he may have picked up The Escapists through GwG?

Might also be difference between X360 games and Xbox One games. The difference with X360 games is once you got them from GwG you owned them forever, regardless of GwG status. Starting with Xbox One GwG titles, they require Gold or more to be active.