Looks like Apple are entering the gaming arena

And so, it begins.

at the end of all of this, it’s going to be Apple/Google/MS/Amazon dominating gaming.

Sony will likely be irrelevant once those trillion dollar companies start tapping into their ecosystem.


Probably, but for me it looks like Nintendo is at risk now. It’s the only established gaming platform that was doing its own thing and nobody else was actually trying to compete directly with them for many, many years - this may change now.

MS+ Nintendo team up incoming

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As crazy as that sounds…it doesn’t sound impossible or anything. Sony is absolutely fine now with some incredibly talented studios but can they hold out in the long run?

I can definitely see the far future being all about game streaming, and can Sony keep up I wonder? I have no idea how it works, I mean these studios at Sony are fine where they are, but what if Apple or Amazon starts to decide to not play nice any longer?

It’s certainly going to be interesting seeing how this will unfold. But this is what a lot of people don’t realize, MS bought Bethesda (and other big ones later) because they look far into the future. I’m just glad it’s MS that did it.

Really though, as with all new things let’s wait and see. Google promised the world with Stadia, and they almost had me too but we all know how that went.

This is why the head honcho of Microsoft Satya is all in on supporting Phil. I don’t think Microsoft wants to get left behind again on a trend like they f’d up with mobile. Unsure if cloud gaming will be that big, but it’s got huge potential if able to stream from smart TVs and other devices. I don’t think he wants to get beaten by; Google, Apple, Amazon, and even Facebook. It’s going to be interesting to see which games will be on which platforms in the near future because I think one of these companies are going to shake up the industry by acquiring somebody as massive as Take Two


More the reason for Microsoft to go all in and ramp up their studio shopping, Zenimax was a great start plus the other 7 studios before it, they can’t let the other Titans dwarf their plans by reaching 3 billion gamers. Microsoft should be playing offense and defense when it comes to studio shopping.


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Does the majority of the Apple gaming audience want to spend alot of money on games though?

its all going to end up as subscription like services, the difference is Xbox has a massive head start in that area, built a massive brand with Xbox, and have developed deep relationships with publishers.

The goal for Google/Amazon/Apple is to add gaming to their massive ecosystem with hundreds of millions of people already using their platforms.

So in the long run we will have Xbox, Stadia, Luna and Arcade. Where the hell does that leave PS and Nintendo? They are dwarfs in comparison and no way they can fend off all of the big ones.

Honestly, as much crap I usually give to PS and their toxic fanbase, I can se an alliance in the future. The old guard needs to come together to fight the Hordes.

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Xbox doesn’t have to do an alliance with anybody, they’re right in the thick of leading the competition since they own Azure, Windows 10, Game Pass and having their own launcher on Android.

Nintendo will always have its own niche but won’t ever be an expansive platform that Google/Amazon/Apple/MS are. Sony is the one that’s left in the rut, they depend on first party software and hardware sales while the tech companies are focused on lowering the entry and maximizing engagement.


Oh I know Xbox doesn’t have to, I was feeling a bit bad for the others :wink:

I just hope Microsoft realizes that they fired the first shot in this new studio aquistions war that we are now with the other Titans and it’s no time to rest they must keep going with their studio aquistions.


What Nintendo offers and what Sony offers aren’t all that different, they both offer extremely high quality first party games. Apple could do what Nintendo is doing hardware wise with zero effort. I’d consider both Nintendo and Sony at risk if there is a ton of investment from the huge tech companies.

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It seems Apple isn’t aiming the photorealistic AAA thing here, they seem to be going the Nintendo route. That’s why I think Nintendo is the one platform that may be at some risk, since Apple already has a lot of devices (iPhones, iPads, Apple TV boxes) out there that will mimic the Switch experience. Nintendo better pay attention to this.


Microsoft has to look at this as a threat and a serious one same with Amazon, Google, and Tencent .

Microsoft has already seen this way before everyone else this time - they are already implementing their mobile/streaming/casual gaming strategies and, as opposed to Nintendo, they aren’t limited to a certain gaming crowd. Microsoft is actually the only gaming company that is covering all the bases at the same time.

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I wonder if even the huge publishers like EA and Activision will be around in 8 years

The threat that I’m talking about is Microsoft and Phil’s dream to reach 3 billion gamers through the Xbox ecosystem, and how does that dream get crushed is with major publishers and studios being locked down on other platforms.