Looking into buying new TV in a month or two

I had a B7 up until late last year (replaced with a CX), don’t remember the exact amount of hours, but it was definitely well above 2000 hours in the TV report and didn’t have any burn in.

But mine was always on standby so it does that self healing thing

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Go 88in OLED :smiley:

My G1 arrived yesterday so I’ve zombied the thread to confirm that GX table top stand does indeed fit the G1 models, wall mount cover and legs installed but have only offered up the cable management panel to the TV (sorry AV buffs I just don’t care about cable management :slight_smile: ) but it looks like it will go on just fine.

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So, as someone who was waiting for the reviews of the QLEDs (I’ve read about five of each of the different models) I would put my reputation behind the recommendation of getting the CX if you still can find it. The QLEDs from Samsung don’t become truly competitive with the LG CX (last year’s model) until you reach the QN90A series and up… but by that point, you’re spending considerably more than you would if you were to buy a 55” LG CX. If it makes you feel better, I would stake my reputation behind that statement as someone who literally just bought two CXs (one for my wife, and one for myself for our gaming room). I can go into further detail if you want, but as someone who used to be constantly concerned about burn-in, the small chance of that occurring over the short-term is vastly outweighed by all of the comparative positives of the CX panel over most of the competition.

Also, I meant to add Dolby Vision doesn’t have anything to do with brightness (beyond the baseline requirement) but it’s about the amount of metadata present in the image compared to HDR (short version is Dolby Vision can produce a much wider range of color/gradations). The peak brightness is really the only advantage the QN90A and above QLEDs have over OLED, but I would argue that the other disadvantages outweigh the few moments the HDR highlights will outshine on QLED.


Yes I ordered my CX about 2 weeks ago. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go for the 65. I’m loving the tv though. Even liking the motion sensing remote haha.

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Oh see, the motion sensing remote is the only thing I don’t like about it. But that’s mainly because I have hands that shake as though I have Parkinson’s so…

Sorry to bump this one back up, but I have a question. Is it possible to enable VRR on the Series X and have Dolby Vision as well?

I purchased the LG OLED CX and when i turn on the free sync feature on the TV, it disables Dolby Vision. Is there a way to have both active?

There’s probably a HDTVTest youtube video by Vincent Teoh with best settings to use. He’ll probably have an updated video out once the features are more widespread in the beta testing.

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Start with this one then look at the next one.

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Avoid OLED

Don’t buy products that destroy themselves.

Got one and no issues so idk what the point of this is considering these things come to avoid burn in and if you use your tv normally and turn it off like a normal human being you wont run into it.

Just use the Standard VRR and not the AMD Freesync one since it disables DV.

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Pixel degradation/wear on OLED’s is a thing. They wear as time goes on. The question is how long before that wear becomes uneven and noticeable. 1 years, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? So to suggest that if a user gets burn in it is some how their fault i.e your “normal human being”, is simply unfair. And you will run into it, but its just uncertain as to when. If its not for ten years, good, but if its sooner… The tech is great visually, but it has flaws.

2018 sets are now starting to see some burn in reports coming through. So time will tell how robust 2019 onwards sets are.

I’ve had two OLEDS, one has had burn in, the other hasn’t. But regardless there is still baby sitting and concerns around HUDs, dimming on static screens etc etc. Its flaws and prevention measures and user awareness, can be a pain. Especially where games are concerned. I’m always aware of what I’m doing with HUD’s and static screen elements.

I need to necrobump this thread since I’m a new owner of an LG C1 65". I upgraded to the C1 because my Bravia A8G was not up to par for modern games.

Now let me say that this is an amazing TV in so many ways, yet so dissappointing in others, mainly that SDR Games look baaaaad, especially on the Series X, no matter the settings. I can’t get The Ascnet or even Death’s Door to look remotely as good as on my old OLED TV. The Xbox Dashboard also looks ugly as sin on the C1. It’s dark grey and just plain lifeless. I tried both the ResetEra Calibration guide and the guide from the HDTVTest Youtube Channel.

It looks a lot better on PS5, but I had to uncheck the “always HDR” option to look proper.

For what it’s worth I’ve owned a C9 for little over a year now and its hands down the best TV I’ve ever owned, nothing even comes close it to.

IF you do pull the trigger on OLED, you won’t regret it.