Looking into buying new TV in a month or two

Hey there Xboxera!!!

I’m moving my family from Connecticut to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in March. We’re selling our house and buy another one. With the inflow of cash from the sales of our CT home, I want to get a new tv for my “man cave.” I purchased a 65 inch Samsung 7 series curve tv about two Christmases ago, it’s a nice tv but now I want an OLED, 120hrtz, I want a tv with all the bells and whistles.

What do you all recommend. I don’t wanna go too crazy in price but I want a tv that will allow me to use all the cool feature of the Series X. Any recommendations!?

If you want everything but without Oled price then go with the LG Nanocell. If not go for the OLED if you want to give yourself a gift.

Thanks, I hear about this one a lot.

I have a CX which is awesome. One of my 2.5 year old twins put a toy train through the screen and killed it. Had to go back to LCD while waiting on insurance and the difference was huge. Very happy when I got the OLED back.

Feel like people overreact with burn in issues. Unless you are blasting your tv on 25/8 watching the same content over and over there should be 0 concern fkr jt.

Also that 2.5 year old sounds like a handful :rofl:

I can’t agree with the Nanocell recommendation, nor do any of the reputable TV reviewing sources (ratings, hdtvtest, etc.). @Superman2x7, if you’re looking at an LED, the Samsung Q80 or above are your best bets, assuming you’re trying to get the best of the technology. If you’re going OLED, than the CX is the best option; just remember there’s a large price delta between the sets.

I’m not going to go into the nitty gritty of which is better because there are genuine use cases and environments where one excels over the other. Personally, in my situation, I prefer the newer QLEDs and in the incoming MiniLEDs for a number of reasons, after owning an OLED for four months. I have found the lack of brightness with the OLED to be greatly disappointing when compared to even the now-five-year-old KS8000, which results in relatively lackluster HDR highlights and atrocious performance in my living room during the day time (even with curtains). As someone who uses my sets a lot, I worry about the longevity as OLED will naturally breakdown over time and with more heat/use, that will occur quicker; full disclosure, I purchased the set at a price too good to pass by, but the fact that I’m already looking for my next set isn’t a good sign.

Also, keep in mind that the new sets are going to start launching next month, so some of the recommendations will be likely to change. Finally, if you’re looking for cheaper options, I can recommend several as well.

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I recommend waiting for 2021 models to hit for better HDMI 2.1 support.

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@Knottian I mean depends on what he wants. Nanocell has all the 2.1 offerings which is why I mainly recommended it and has a great image. I have an CX OLED so I will always recommend that if he can splash the money on it.

But I recommend going on youtube and searching for TV centric reviewers. They do a great job ranging from hdtvtests, stop the fomo, joelster, etc.

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Yeah, I’m merely recommending the best of LED (Q80T), if that fits their environment it’s a better buy than the LG Nano.

New TV’s and tech are coming in a few months so if you are willing to hold a bit Id recommend that. New tech like Mini LED’s and all that is coming which promises OLED level performances at a lower cost.

As long as this year’s LG OLEDs remain the picture quality king, Ill be upgrading to one as soon as the new models are released.

Does the LG Nano also have VRR? My brother in law recently got a Q80 series From Samsung, truth be told I couldn’t tell the difference viewing it with my curved 7 series.

I’m leaning towards the LG, but I guess I’ll do more research.

Thank you all for the replies.

If you mean the LG for OLED, go for it. If not, you may want to look at some of the reviews… Nanocell doesn’t make any of the top cuts for a bevy of reasons (I’d be curious if the source connected to the Q80 was problematic, given all the research I’ve done). Take a look at these:

LG’s LED panels might be better with 2021 releases, but they have never been comparable to Samsung’s mid-high, to high-end equivalents.

LCD technology has not changed all that much, so I wouldn’t expect leaps in picture quality. The new thing will be mini LED.


I recently upgrade from a B7 to a CX, and honestly it’s worth it still. VRR alone basically makes every game I’ve tried have a perfect framerate.


It’s hard for me to look past an LG OLED. I’ve had 2 & got no complaints. My games & my Blurays look stunning.

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I bought an LG OLED B9 last year from Costco with an extended 5 year warranty. I bought it as the new 2020 models (BX / CX) were hitting shelves so I saved $800.

It’s hands down the best TV I’ve ever owned and puts the picture quality of my Samsung KS8000 to shame.

Never pay full price; there are always sales! If you can wait a bit, you’ll likely save on a CX if / when the new models roll out.

I also agree with other posters in here; rtings.com is a great site for reviews and comparisons.


I’m still using my 65” LG C7 OLED. No signs of burn-in, picture is great for me, input lag is minimal. If the newer LG OLEDs are even better, I don’t think you can go wrong…especially with the CX. What I’ve heard coming out of CES is that none of the 2021 TVs are much of an update, so maybe save yourself a few shekels with a 2020 model?

Tv tech been kinda slow these past 2 years. What they gotta work to and figure out is the 4K@120hz vrr thing.