Fronk’s Frozen Fish Nugget Inlet Dock, Located in Old Mombasa Ports. Fronk’s Favourite Fishing Frigates have returned and one is in dire need of repairs. Explore this new expanded play space of Longshore. Built for 8v8 Squad Battle and supporting modes.

The idea was to expand the map to accommodate the possible larger lobby sizes of Infinite, without sacrificing the scaling to it, since the ships can be toggled off, the sewers closed, and the expanded defender base doors shut. Essentially in a similar way to how CE Anniversary maps in Reach each had a version of the maps with new rooms and routes, while also offering a classic version that has minimal changes and respects that original proven-good layout. 

This is the “2.0” expanded version.

There is also an Infection variant of the map: Infection | Longshore - UGC - Halo Infinite (halowaypoint.com)