Lockdown UK to delay the Series X Launch?

Hey all so I have my Series X preordered from Microsoft Store UK and with the news today that we may be going into a 3 week lockdown in 2 weeks do you think this will cause delays etc?

No, it didn’t cause delays with anything else prior, I still got all my usual deliveries without issue too.

So don’t see why anything would be different this time.

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Fair enough man I just got a little worried. I did not order much during the first lockdown so I had no insight into it

Wish the lockdown laws come into place on November the 11th :joy:

You guys going into lockdown again? Wow, is it that bad?

Hahahaha :joy:

Not as bad as it was at the start of the year. More of a “Lockdown now so it does not go back to that point” I guess. Tbh mate the UK is a mess and it feels the story changes week by week.

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Aight, that sound proactive at least. Hope for the best!


Hey man you never know the lockdown might not need to happen but if it does hopefully nothing but good comes from it


Not for deliveries. People wanting to rock up to a shop I’d be more worried for. Even if they close shops likes of Curry’s and Amazon delivered during last lockdown.

Yeah like I said mines from Microsoft Via UPS I believe. I did not wana bet on going in store for this very reason :joy: Thanks fella

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Shouldn’t cause delays, maybe with deliveries by a day or two but that’s about it.

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I’ve got mine and my wife’s preordered instore at Game so I hope not. They moved all the FF7 :Remakes from instore to online delivery for the lockdown back in April, so hopefully they do the same if this does happen.

I feel you man. I hope shipments are not too impacted. Probably not. France is also not too good right now. So yeah, it’s gonna be a rough winter. We’re in this together !

On the bright side, gaming is booming I guess !

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I heard how France is doing my friend I hope you and your loved ones are well. We will beat this.


Thank you. I hope your familly is doing well too. We’ll get through this ! Next-gen is coming and it will be great ! There is no better time to be playing games !

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No, thery are not locking down online retail.

I hope you lot get your consoles regardless of the situation. We came out of lockdown in April and have been ok since but the lack of flights is affecting us hard because it collapsed the tourism industry and nearly 25% or so of our country became jobless

It was more asking about UPS etc being taking on too much work with online shopping if retails shut.

I am aware online retail would not shut…

Damn man I hope things get better soon lets hope we beat this virus soon so tourism can go back to the norm!