Limited Run will be releasing their first Xbox games this Summer

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While Limited Run has been hinting at bringing their physical games to Xbox for quite some time, we now have a more firm understanding of when this will happen. This Summer Limited Run Games will be releasing their first Xbox game.

While the gaming market is shifting towards digital in a fairly rapid pace, many fans still enjoy owning a physical collection. Either for budget reasons or to build a collection. Limited Run Games publishes digital only releases in physical form. Many times it’s releases from smaller publishers. Games such as FAR: Lone Sails, Neon Abyss and Going Under have received such physical editions.

It’ll be a little wait before we know which games Limited Run will be releasing in a physical edition.


Anyone know if MS changed some of their policies for this to finally happen?

I assume this to be the case, but who knows.


About time!

I normally do not buy LRG releases, even with my sizable Switch physical collection (I treat LRG only as digital only). But if they get Ys Origin Xbox here I’ll buy it just to have a physical Falcom game for Xbox lol.

Feel like this is 4-5 years too late. I went digital years ago and never looked backed. These guys also take forever to get the product in your hand, not a good experience.

Its about time!

This is for a VERY niche segment, but it’s good news, imo MS aggressive stance against physical is a bit too much, there should be choice for people who wants physical copies and they started to print low numbers even for big games.

It’ll be interesting to see what the first game is. Probably something recent like Death’s Door.

I know it already got one a long time ago but I wouldn’t mind something odd and weird like Morrowind.