Light or Dark Mode?

Just because I’m curious - when you browse, do you do so in light or dark mode?

I want to see numbers!

  • Light, because the world is dark enough.
  • Dark, because I value my eyes you madman.
  • I had no idea the option to switch existed!

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If you weren’t aware the option existed, there are two ways to switch.

1. Set theme in your profile

Just go to your account page, and under Preferences > Interface choose Dark or Light theme.

2. Use hamburger menu

In the hamburger menu choose Dark or Light theme.


I go dark mode everywhere, whenever the option is available. Like you insinuated dark mode is way friendlier on my eyes, thank you for having it as an option on XboxEra.


Dark mode on every device if it has the option. Sometimes doesn’t look as good but I value my eyes over style.

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Darkmode on every app possible bar Gmaps, which for some reason just feels wrong in dark colours.

Dark mode for life. If I wanted my retinas burned I’d use light mode.


it seems like i use dark mode but i have no idea how i got it :smiley:

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What the hell is a light mode?

It’s an extreme snacking mode.

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Standard course of action in any app/website if applicable:

  1. Turn off all data harvesting bullshit you can.
  2. Turn on 2FA and save your backup codes.
  3. Change to Dark Mode.

My taste says light. But my eyes say dark. So… Dark