Lies of P (Pinnochio meets Bloodborne) is coming to Game Pass


From a Kanye West Song “The Pinnochio Story”

We know the game will be featured at Xbox’s Gamescom booth where we should get a release date.


That would be awesome!


If true, “We may bring Sekiro soon and we may have failed to get Elden Ring day on on Game Pass, but that won’t stop us to get someone else.” Actually, this would be the first to get a soul game day one on Game Pass.


Why do we think it’s probably game pass though, solely based on that morse code?

Snitch getting creative with his leaks, I like it. Plus Lies of P day one baby

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The green in the background I guess

But the initial reason why people thought it was a GP game is that there was a list of games Xbox were showing at Gamescom and every single one is now or is coming to GP except for Lies of P

The game will be on Xbox’s gamescom line-up/booth and pretty much everything else there is gonna release on GP, it’s the only game IIRC that still hasn’t been confirmed to be on GP day one.

Game looks cool and is definitely the less janky souls-like game (I am excluding Nioh 1/2 obviously) that isn’t a Fromsoft game. Looks way more interesting than Mortal Shell, Thymesia, The Surge 1/2, Dolmen e.t.c. Could be a good Game Pass addition!

I see.

Then for now I’m gonna consider it as wishful thinking. It would be great.

You heard it from me first :geoff:

Also another reason I thought that is the publisher Neowiz Games who have a bunch of Game Pass day one games already.


If it’s not Game Pass I dunno what they’d be hinting at though, not like it’s a game unannounced for Xbox.

Ashen was the first.

They seem to be targeting the genre heavily now with Wo Long and Flintlock coming day one. Previously they got Mortal Shell and Remnant from the Ashes shortly after release. Souls likes probably do well on GP, but I think either FromSoft or Bandai Namco don’t want their games on for some reason.

Above everything they probably knew they didn’t need GP money

The game was always going to do very well and it’s went well beyond that now

These smaller ones trying to make a name for themselves to become the next big souls-esque franchise makes more sense for a GP cheque

Yeah but even the older Souls games were never put on the service. Here’s to hoping Sekiro is gonna be the first :slight_smile:

That’s true, Sekiro at least seems possible thanks to the Activision publishing

It will be a great advertising as well like “Loved Elden Ring? Played his other masterpiece now on Game Pass!”

There’s always Games with Gold…

Free trial included in Games with Gold

It’s possible that next week this is one of the GP surprise announcements. But I’m not getting my hopes up yet.

I think it is a near 100% lock at this point.