Lies of P | Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Lies of P Story

You wake up at an abandoned train station in Krat, a city overwhelmed by madness and bloodlust. In front of you lies a single note that reads.

Find Mr. Geppetto. He’s here in the city.

Play as Pinocchio, a puppet mechanoid, and fight through everything in your path to find this mystery person. But don’t expect any help along the way and don’t make the mistake of trusting anyone. You must always lie to others if you hope to become human.

Inspired by the familiar story of Pinocchio, Lies of P is an action souls-like game set in a cruel, dark Belle Époque world.

All of humanity is lost in a once beautiful city that has now become a living hell filled with unspeakable horrors.

Lies of P offers an elegant world filled with tension, a deep combat system and a gripping story. Guide Pinocchio and experience his unrelenting journey to become human.


Looks like Bloodborne 2 which is fine by me.

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Looks like Steelrising, Spiders new game.

I like the world and design, but does anyone feel like Soulslike is becoming a bit oversaturated as a genre right now?

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Imo, it feels like it’s being filled up by a bunch of less refined copycats. I still need to give some a shot though.


Is there any on Xbox like BB that you know of?

Sekiro, the Dark Souls games, Ashen, Mortal Shell, Jedi Fallen Order to name a few. Edit: Remnant and Code Vein too.

looks neat .

I don’t think there are that many upcoming Souls-like games so I don’t think that we can talk about oversaturation…yet.

Game looks pretty good btw, much better than I expected.

Games like this do approximately fuck all for me, but happy for those who like em, same thing with Elden Ring.

Well at least if Sony does lock down From Soft games there will be alternatives out there

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This. It’s becoming too much. And right behind it are the BOTW inspired open world games. UGH.

In general, the game looks really good and if I ever try out another souls type game, this would probably be that game.

If you’re friends with P, well then you’re friends with me.

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like BB? I don’t think so. Souls or Sekiro? Several as mentioned above already. This is the first visibly Bloodborne inspired game that I’m seeing.

I legit thought this was Assassin’s Creed Unity when I first saw this character


man , dont remind me of that game . It was Ubisoft at its best . So fucking ahead of its time . The public bitching at that time literally killed the series .

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yeaah but tbf that game had more damning memes than craig dooming it at launch lol

yea . Weird thing is that I played it on my PC and I encountered 0 bugs throughout the game :phil_lmao:

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That’s what I was thinking. I have Sekiro and the three Souls games but this is like BB this one. BB I could play but I am just terrible at the other ones.