Layoffs at Microsoft hit 343 industries and Bethesda Games Studios

Sad news, but not surprising after job cuts at other Tech companies recently.

inXile, The Initiative, Compulsion, World’s Edge, Undead Labs, Double Fine, Ninja Theory… maybe i should have said XGS studios.

And all of them except 343i are smaller than the big Sony’s ones.

Not much I can do since I’m considered at the bottom of the totem pole in the grand scheme of things

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So are most people actually fighting against capitalism.

And btw, consolidation has nothing to do with layoffs.

It’s more zenimax than bgs.

The ABK acquisition has tied up so much of Microsoft’s money into gaming and it’s at a stand still. Now Microsoft will be eyeing the Xbox more closely to deliver or else more of this will happen. I’m worried the Xbox division bit off more than they could chew with this ABK acquisition and they will slowly choke on it.


Simply aweful news. I hope all affected land on their feet and find a new job fast. Seems like HoloLens got also hit hard.

This is also a bad look for Microsoft, when next week they will report on their profits and want us all to cheer on their shiny new games and toys.

Disagree. These massive layoffs in tech happen because expansion in the last years was also massive and there is basically no repercussion to fire someone in the US of A. Better worker rights, more unions => less of this shit happens.

I remember complaining that 343 should expand and open a 2nd studio because it was obvious they were severely understaffed and largely unprepared compared to some other GaaS studios (still not sure what was their plan…). Instead MS does afterwards the exact opposite. What a joke. Hope people can find a new job.


There’s definitely correlation imo due to taking on many employees a d eventually leading to cuts because certain positions can become redundant. The human side of things is something that should be viewed because there’s not many laws that protect employees and acquisition makes employees vulnerable

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Just terrible for all affected.

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So basically a bit from all Zenimax studios? Because surely they wouldn’t cut too many positions from their easily most anticipated flagship studio making their most anticipated game in a long time.

There is no correlation. Layoffs at MS would have happened at MS whether or not Bethesda, ABK, or any other studios were acquired.


But hey, got to blame on the pending acquisition and perhaps spread the word to protest against it.

It’s unfair because Infinite actually received critical acclaim and had a fantastic launch. But it lost any momentum because they had 0 Live-Service pipeline in place.

What was the plan ? What was MS expecting ? Did they not known that it’s a highly competitive market and that you have to compete for attention ? That seasons lasting over 6 months because they planned nothing upstream is a no-go ? This is the result of bad management (both at 343 and Xbox), bad planning and a severe lack of developers for a flagship like Halo (343 is was super tiny compared to Bungie, Fortnite, COD, etc). Same for the TV series, it was mismanaged and not treated with the care and budget it deserves (even if I liked it a lot).

Instead they lay off even more people at Halo because it will save some :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:.

I’m sad that a prestige IP like Halo is still mistreated and mismanaged after all this time and that people will lose their job as a result.

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Not great

Yeah there is definitely some restructuring going on at 343 lol.

Edit: wasnt there a new director in place for a while now anyway?


Yeah, it’s so corny how people are using the fact that people are losing their jobs to make a point about some acquisition that is entirely unrelated.


Employees at Bethesda would’ve been more likely safe if acquisition didn’t happen imo

You mean if Bethesda was still independent? I guess so, but then Starfield would be out already in Cyberpunk fashion.

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