Lava in games and it's presentation

So I’ve been replaying TLOZ Skyward Sword lately. And I’m amazed by the great presentation of lava in this game

Take a look:

The way it flot is just perfect. Thic and massive is what I want. Not some yellow/orange water like other games tend to have.

Do you know any examples of games that do lava the right way?

Pause. :joy:

But yeah that looks great. Nothing comes to mind immediately, shall have to look em up and get back. :fire:


Haha would love to see🤣

having a lava boner was not what I was expecting today

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The lava presentation in DOOM 2016 is fantastic. Almost blindingly bright and intense.

And, of course, it has a fantastic Terminator 2 easter egg you can trigger if you can fall into it.

This still happens in Doom Eternal too!


Dark Souls

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Doom 2016 was better than Doom Eternal:o

Don’t remember if there was any lava involved, but one of the earlier stages in Gears 5 have a scene with lots of fire and with HDR it was literally eye melting in a very very good way.

The DS picture above makes me want to try it with the auto hdr feature on SX

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Lava =/ fire what I mean with Lava is thick water like movement

I read the title as “Larva in games…”

This makes more sense, haha.