Launch Hype + Meme thread!

2 days to go peeps.

Can we get a gigantic hype thread going? Post all things launch related, stories of past launces/memories.

Also, let’s fill this to the brim of console memes! Let’s get it! :grin:


I will start with the obvious meme :laughing:


I was a crazy PS fan, as I was a teen when PS2 came out.

Xbox When Xbox launched, we had them in our college and they had Halo and a driving game on them. I hated Halo because you had to use both analogue sticks to move and look around. Later that became normal for all games. :joy: Also hated the racing game because you had to use the Triggers instead of X button. That is also standard now. :joy:

360 I was sold on 360. I remember my dad said he will go out at midnight with me to get one. We went to 2 stores and they were sold out. I was close to giving up but went to the third and luckily they had one left.

Went home, got confused by the cables, then plugged it in and fell in love with the UI, online and achievements too was cool. Kameo was the shit.

One What a weird gen. I hated Xbox for their conference and it made me really repulsed by them. The kinect being included in every console, the whole TV thing and no games was just dreadful.

I can’t remember much about the whole launch experience. The UI one the one was good because you can pin games that aren’t installed, unlike the PS4. I think I started with a One anyway, and a few years later got bored with the lack of games so went to PS4, which had plenty.

Gamepass happened and was getting more and more tempting. Then MS started buying studios, so I knew it was time to go back. Now I have loads of games to play.

Series X The launch stuff is fun, though still feels like a lack of games compared to PS5. The UI is great, it’s an iterative upgrade, but shame I’ll never get that whole 360 wow again, maybe that’s what the PS5 is for.

Looking forward to 2022 but that’s a bit of time away. Overall I’m quite excited.

If I could do my launches in terms of excitement:


I know this is a XB centric board, but I have to be honest, and I feel XSX being in top 5 is decent.

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Luckily my partner is amazing and me and her both have a series x preordered :smiley:


Noice one.

Let’s get some more memes going!


Last lot of memes from me. Hopefully other peie add some and/or tell us their launch stories.

Not long left now. :grin:


Possibly the least hyped I have ever been for a console launch. I was seriously ill when the Xbox one/ps4 were released so that ruined my hype for them anyway. Super hyped though for xbox360 and ps3 (well ps3 mostly for the blu Ray drive). The Xbox launch, esp. the european one since I am from Europe, was amazing, halo, pgr3, doa4, ralisport challenge …all destroying anything available on the ps2.

Here I am expecting the console in 2-3 days, I guess, and there is nothing to get me excited. The only new game I will play will be the new AC and it just looks o.k. Relying on enhanced previous gen (and old) games is kind of pathetic esp. when the work they did makes me very uncertain about the actual power of the XSX (Gears5 not running at full 4k is a big red flag for me). Nothing in the forseeable future either. Don’t care for cyberpunk until they release the next gen patch.

You do raise good points. The lack of next gen launch games does make it very lacklustre and boring as a launch.

However, I’m excited because I’ve had a 4k TV for multiple years and skipped One X. But I agree still. Where is the magic?

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Guys I’m glad you’re excited about next gen launch, but let’s leave platform wars out of this. Get rid of those sony related images please.