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Pitfall Anim

One of my favorite magazines was having a sale, great covers:

Looking for the original Forza that I never got to play, BC compatible with the X360, found a sealed set along with 2 other racing titles. I then decided to get the ‘Platinum Hits’ versions of FM2 and FM3 to get any DLC I missed on disc. Unfortunate that the Stig DLC car pack codes no longer work for FM3 Ultimate Collection, but the content on the discs installed with no issue:


Loving that Alex Kidd cover. That game will always have a special place in my heart. Beside Bubble Bobble.

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As an 80s kid, this was a must:

This week my MOGA Gaming Clip to play xCloud arrived! It fits perfectly on the controller!


Traded in my Switch to get a new headset. Can link my PC and xbox with the mix amp so happy about it

Finally made the jump from IPhone to Android. For a couple of reasons.

  1. Xcloud
  2. Got double data
  3. Time for a change
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Wow. I’ve never used a headset (have a soundbar) but was always curious on how Dolby Atmos sounds. Are there any games that support it or does it just apply to any game?

Love 80s movies in 4K/HDR!

This just shipped to my house, for a little fun maybe

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Wow. Perfect for Flight Sim. :eyes:

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Doesn’t really count as gaming but just had a 350mb broadband upgrade ready for next gen!


It counts! Hype! I’m stuck on 200 from Optimum, but upgrading is tempting. I think everyone’s problem comes from choices and the pricing, which without deals, is expensive.


Considering the day, I’ll post my pre-order pick-ups so far. :grinning:

Console: Amazon

Rest: Best Buy

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