Last Stop (on Game Pass) (Spoilers)

I finished Last Stop and wanted to discuss about this game…or this experience I should say.

The last trailer had me interested and I was excited to try it on GP. I liked Virginia, so I thought it was going to be a similar experience, but after finishing it (it’s quite short), I don’t know what to think of it. I had a good time with it, the graphics are fine, the characters are interesting, but I don’t know if I would qualify what I played as a game… It was more like an experience or an experiment on the medium. I felt like the devs wanted to make a movie or a TV series but without the budget. So they added some dialogues and interactivity here and there to be more engaging.

The game borrows a lot from other titles like the Telltale games, but here, your choices are very very limited. It’s really a linear experience and there’s not much to miss beside some funny/witty dialogue choices. You’re just following 3 different characters, only deciding which one you want to play first. But really, it doesn’t matter who you pick, because you will play their stories in order anyway.

But even then, I was hooked by the weirdness of these stories and characters. There was something in there quite charming I’ll admit. And yeah it’s short, but it really doesn’t waste your time, as each story just pulls you in and wants you to get through them to get to that finale. I won’t spoil it, but I think it was interesting… Yeah no, the end was pretty bad when I think about it, but still, I get what they were going for and their budget was probably very limited, so they did what they could and I think it still works somehow. Some people will probably feel robbed though…but hey, it’s on GP.

So yeah, what did you think about it ? Did you like it ? Please share and suscr…hum, yeah just comment below.


Thanks for the write up. Looking forward to trying this.

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Really, it’s a weird… experience. It’s hard to describe without saying too much. I really recommend to try it as it’s on GP.

I’ll wait for your impressions. I really want to know what people thought of the different stories and ending.

Just finished.

Great presentation across the board. Writing, music, graphics. Stellar. Gameplay is pretty lacking but gets the job done.

Lack of choice/consequence barring near the end was a bit disappointing. Last chapter was weird but worked.

Paper Dolls > Stranger Danger >>> Domestic Affairs.


Our review for this will be up soon. I have thoughts. :wink:


I’m on chapter 5, it’s such a weird game that doesn’t seem to connect but I’m guessing it’ll tie together. I like it. I want to binge play it and finish tonight, but life…


I guess there’s two ways to see the ending and overall plot :

I mean, I expected something like that with the green portal being a way to navigate to some other dimension. But in the end, it’s just some planet with strange beings living there and using portals for we don’t know what…Playing with humans ? Really ? I wanted some explanations about this. So there’s this guy/demon selling bracelets and stuff ? Like what ? That’s it ? And the other guy getting killed ? But then is alive… Like WTF ?? Are they like “gods” or something ? Like, he can erase people even from his own world ??

So yeah, you could have enjoyed the whole mystery and characters and in the end, find your own explanations for what the stranger and the guy with the suitcase wanted, but tbh it’s still a bit of a letdown. But even then, that’s how I took it, as I really liked the characters : I took it as interesting individual stories that doesn’t have to make sense overall.

But then when I think about how the trailer showed all the good stuff to make you think it’s some kind of conspiracy that the characters have to make light of, I get kind of annoyed a bit. It’s like they made a really intriguing trailer to lure people and then they tried to make a game around that. I was expecting the characters to try to make sense of it, as Meena seemed to be working on some secret project, but it was just some high-tech company with secret labs located deep beneath London ? And her story was really about her having an affair and her father being a drug addict ??

So yeah, what still bugs me is that I was expecting much much more.

But really, I don’t want to discourage people from playing the game. There’s some great moment in there, so I still recommend playing it and making your own mind. It was still an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

100% this.

Why is that planet so special? Why are the portals leading people there? Who the hell was that stranger? Why does he have that power? Are there more like him? What was he going to do with Donna? Why isn’t he dead?

To make things worse, I made the wrong decision at the end, and I’m pretty sure that happened because of a localization error.

And most importantly:

Viv not only went to that party but also hooked up with Becky on the bathroom?! Fuck them both!


I’ve literally just finished playing it and for 95% of the game i was hooked, probably more so than i have been on any game for years. I understand some of the comments about lack of gameplay but i actually didn’t mind that - even if it made the experience feel like a tv show rather than a game! The characters for the most part are brilliant (especially Molly). Meena i guess wasn’t supposed to be the most likeable but i still enjoyed her story arc. I love the whole UK/London setting as they captured a lot of stuff like the language and slang perfectly.

THe biggest downside…the ending chapter didn’t quite land for me. Definitely the weakest part of the game for me. You obviously knew something supernatural of sort was coming but i definitely wasn’t expecting what we got! On one hand i’m kinda glad we didn’t spend too much time there but at the same time it almost felt Iike they maybe ran out of time or that section was somewhat rushed. I did “like” the choices we were faced with at the end. Meena’s i found easiest to make, I opted to give Donna her friends and family back despite meaning an eternity stuck with that creep and i opted against switching bodies, i think that was the hardest choice.

I remember being intrigued by this back at X019 and then didn’t hear much about it until launch week and i’m glad i went in dark. Definitely one of my favourite gaming experiences for a long time. Definitely not for everyone but, especially the 4 or 5 chapters before the end, it’s pretty awesome i thought.

Yeah, the game should have been an hour/an hour and a half longer to really dig into that other world/demons stuff. It’s disappointing they didn’t at least try to tie the loose ends in the end. All the characters and what they do the 3/4 of the game is irrelevant to the ending.

That said, I liked what they did with the Stranger/Donna story. Getting these characters slowly erased and Donna not asking herself why because she doesn’t remember them, was really cool and a bit unsettling.

Paper Dolls was a sweet and fun story at first, and then it punches you in the gut. I really liked that too.

Meena story felt forced and unecessary for the most part. Devs only needed her to be the leader and the one character to end that prologue story line.

That scene when John/Jack was trying to do dev’s work was a bit touchy. I like that they delve a bit into what it’s like to work on a game with a director that only cares about the end product.

In the end, they’re a small studio. They put all their eggs in that trailer, characters and animations. I think they should have cut these walking around sections and do more like a Telltale game though.

After wrapping this up a day or two ago, I enjoyed the overall experience but thought the way they chose to wrap it all up was silly and it didn’t resonate with me. I’d like to see another game with these characters though, if that’s even possible. Maybe not the spy lady though, she was kind of a crap person.

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Yep, the final chapter/ending is a bit of a letdown, not in execution, but in that it doesn’t resolve much in the end.

I found this experience to be confusing as hell. I played the game for approximately 4-5 hours and was really getting into the storylines. Sure, some of the archs weren’t as interesting as the others (looking at the Meena story here), but it worked. And then at the end they don’t resolve half of the questions posed in the earlier game. And it just… ends? The choices you make are without consequence and the choices at the end were baffling.

Loved the voice acting, most of the main characters and a couple of side characters. I thought it looked great, with popping colours and a nice variation of locations. And the soundtrack really enhanced the whole thing. But man, that ending soured me on this game.


Enjoyed this game. Thought it was an entertaining change of pace.

I liked that it drew me in with supernatural stuff, before telling 3 very human stories & getting me to a point where I was more interested in the emotional wellbeing of each character than discovering what was through the portal. Clever writing that.

The cast was great, dialogue was really good & all 3 stories were engaging. I do agree that the final chapter could’ve been a bit longer though. That would probably be my main criticism.

Another one that might’ve passed me by, were it not for Game Pass. Glad the service keeps delivering these little gems👍


Yeah, I can agree with this. It wasn’t a bad time at all. Loved the first 5 hours (besides that I think your choices should matter a bit more), but the ending felt rushed. At one point Jon asked me if I didn’t score the game too high. But a 7.2 felt good, as I don’t feel like the game deserves lower than that.


Great review. I wasn’t expecting to be on the same page as you guys tbh. I thought it would be more divisive.

For me, the ending is just one part of the experience, so 7.2 is fine. It could encourage people to play it, as if it was lower people will more likely skip it and miss a potential great time with it.

But to be fair, I’m glad it’s on GP, because there’s a lot of games like it that don’t stand a chance sadly. Still, I think that 25$ is expensive.

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Is this game like DONTИOD and old Telltale productions or there some differences? :face_with_monocle:

I feel like many day one releases on Game Pass are more expensive than what I’m used to. Cris Tales being $40 was kind of mindblowing

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It’s like that.

I must admit, one moment that I found both kinda funny and sad is when This text will be “John” is doing Jack’s job and he’s talking to Jack’s boss, he thinks he’s going to be doing overtime for extra pay but his boss is talking about crunch work, John is mortified at the idea of working extra long hours for zero extra pay (“you’ve lost the plot you av!!!” I love the voice acting in this!) But at the same time we sadly know this is very much common practice in the games industry. blurred

I’m still a little downbeat on how the game ended mainly because the first 5 hours or so were really good. Definitely feels like they just ran out of time sadly.

I wonder if we’ll get anymore stories with different characters or whether the devs will just move onto a new game next?

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