Krakoa, the Hellfire Gala and why it bothers me more than it should (contains obvious spoilers, so don't click if you don't want to read)

Last warning Spoilers below here, and really if it bothers you after you click on it, then it’s on you ;). One can only go so far to cater to spoilerphobes ;).

Sorry for this topic, if it is offending to Marvel fans, then again I apologize.

But for a while now I’ve been reading about the new Hellfire Gala stuff. And as a person who is not only on the spectrum but also queer… it is more than bothersome.

It feels like the writers are trying to use “safe spaces” to create an ethnostate, while at the same time making not so subtle references to LGBTQ+ and Spectrum troubles. Especially now that the Hellfire Gala seems to be at the same time of the Eurovision Song Contest (something Gala like that has a huge following (also percevied) with the LGBTQ+ community), I kind of find it very hard to keep quiet about it.

The entire idea made me uncomfortable from the start, but when they kicked out “Franklin Richard” for not being “Mutant Enough” only after he lost his “powers”, it really set a bad taste in my mouth. Sure he lacks the gene, BUT kicking him to the wolves is something NO Trans mamma in a gay bar would EVER do. It gives me huge TERFY vibes, where victims of abuse were removed from safe houses because a TERF didn’t want any XY gendered person in there.

Yet at the same time they let someone like Mister Sinister be in their highest echelons!

The reason it bugs me so much, is because anybody who has been a part of these minority groups know that they don’t behave like that. Only from the external group, do they seem to behave like that. We know that we are stronger together, so someone that isn’t in that in group, but still persecuted or maybe thought they were part of the group but found out they weren’t? Still is welcome as again “stronger together”. It feels very much like someone that has no idea about what it is like to be persecuted, writing about it and thinking “Oh they probably want a state just for themselves/Safe space.” Not really knowing what a safe space is about, it’s not about banning people, it is about making sure people can be themselves.

But I’m ranting. The reason I bring this up now was when the Hellfire Gala no seems to go into full swing. They invite a lot of people, including Franklin Richard, and everybody acts like nothing has happened. Which ANYBODY who has been in a situation of “disowning” knows is not how it works. Alienating and abandoning seriously affect a person and is felt like physical pain! It really feels like the writers have literally no experience with it especially doing this at the same time as the Eurovision song contest… somehow it all feels so tone-deaf and it ruined quite a few of the reasons of why I liked Marvel.

Sure I was a Hulk fan mostly, wolverine too a far lesser extend, but it still is something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I really hope they won’t go for some “yes ethnostate bad, look violence”… crap either… As then they would have ruined so many characters for simply making a badly put point!

Also Hulk kind is also not welcome as no mutant… seriously do these people know how persecution works?

Sorry rant over, I hope I didn’t offend anybody