KoToR Remake Discussion Thread

My stance too. I don’t know where the assumptions that any of us wants to just reverse the roles and somehow it would be ok if Xbox moneyhatted it come from?

How is that in any way inconsistent?


What do you want MS to do? Start paying even more than Sony to have the game launch on Xbox, which it should be doing by default? That’s a very slippery slope and absolutely a waste of funds that could go towards their primary strategy of securing content for Game Pass.

I’m not sugar coating it, this isn’t great at all, but it’s been the state of the industry for years now and there’s not an awful lot Xbox can actually do about it.

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If during OG Xbox gen MS somewhat could get many 3rd party exclusives, I can’t fathom why it’s so difficult at least prevent this shit now. PS2 was like 80% of the overall gaming market, PC was nearly a non existent entity back then outside Blizzard and few others.

I feel MS is a little inconsistent: they can go from making one of the biggest splash in gaming ever from being upperhanded on obvious things like keeping your legacy close, not casting it away (and kotor it’s only the last of many examples).

Some people liked kotor back then and nobody played it on PS because it didn’t existed over there and now, lol.

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That a whole thread was made for this topic is what the embarrassment should be. I never reference them, but this is an other Era move.


Strategies change. Sony started down this path in earnest when Jim lyin’ Ryan got the helm.

Meanwhile, your nostalgia glasses for OG Xbox are misplaced. We had almost no first party studios creating exclusive content for the platform back then - now we have 24 (!) including some of the biggest in the industry.

Xbox had no choice but to moneyhat in previous generations, now they have a solid enough base to do it themselves. This is desperation from Sony, make no mistake.

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I seriously doubt that until I see other big moves from MS, Zenimax is great, but it’s not enough to corner Sony into “desperation”.


Embarrassed? It’s still coming to Xbox for fucks sake lol.


Epic post, I’m humiliated

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It’s more than great, it was the biggest acquisition in the industry and an absolute earthquake from which we were warned Sony would respond with these sorts of deals.

I’m saying though, ultimately, this game will be on Series X and I’ll bet you it’s even 100% less expensive than the PlayStation version when it does arrive. Zenimax games are now locked out from Sony platforms forever. You may be bored of thinking about that, but that doesn’t make it any less a huge deal.

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They need more of these moves to wash away an entire gen of sleep and 25 years of PS unstoppable image. THEN we won’t see KOTOR deals happening or at least much more rarely.

They did. Ark 2. Xbox timed exclusive (maybe full, we still don’t know). Ark 1 sold 16 million copies as of 2019.

Kotor sold 2 million copies on OG Xbox.

Ones a sequel, ones a remaster. Might not score points on nostalgia, but I’d say it’s strategically superior.

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They can’t stop em all.

But people need to look at it from the other side too. From the beginning Yakuza was PlayStation exclusive, now all the games are on Game Pass. Sony literally just published MLB The Show on Xbox, for $70 cheaper than their own platform.

This is all obviously an aside, the Xbox strategy us growth in first party studios and no longer is dependent on third party deals to make the platform viable - but Xbox is still making inroads with third parties too, as GP becomes more popular, it’ll eventually become unmissable.

If you guys are going to invest this much emotion and energy into this stuff, you should consider buying both consoles and saving yourself the heartache.


I agree with OP. This was a deliberate attack from Sony. KOTOR shouldn’t skip Xbox. It’s a classic OG Xbox title and that alone makes this a bad look for Xbox. I think this is a Sony smoke and mirrors announcement with an unproven smaller developer unknown budget and built on nostalgia all very similar to Shenmu 3 E3 moment. The game maybe a bust but the damage to Xbox is in the announcement itself.

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I’m really not surprised what’s happening here because it’s nothing new and will never ending

I’ve spent many years on social media, from forums to Twitter … etc , and during the last period I learned how (hardcore) fans of all platforms behave and think

  • PS (hardcore) fans

trolls , toxic , denial and they don’t like their system they just hate yours

  • Xbox (hardcore) fans

Always complain and they waste their time watching what they don’t have instead of what they have

So embarrassing that some people complain about remake Will come to them later . And forget that one of the greatest RPG studios will release A huge exclusive game next year (starfield)


It was an L for Xbox. For sure. One by design. It was a strike at the jugulars like Deathloop and Ghostwire were and Bioshock if true will be.

But MS just bought fucking Bethesda, and got Marketing and Game Pass for Sony’s own game. It’s not as if they aren’t “fighting” however you wanna put it.

Either way, we are still comparing one WRPG, albeit a big one, from an untested dev to the Trinity. Relax y’all.

Either way, I better not hear a single fucking excuse from Lucasfilm to not make Indy exclusive when this move shuts out a good 70% of the Kotor fanbase on paper for a while.

Also, RE: the timed exclusive comments, I’ll believe it when I see it. Still waiting on FFVIIR for my friends.


All of this bull over a almost 20 year old game, that any xbox owner can currently play right now… its absurd. Why not congratulate Sony for finally brining this gem of a game to their ecosystem? Its great people think Microsoft or Xbox Game Studios had any skin in the game at all on this.

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Microsoft owns Obsidian. OPs anger is justified. How can Xbox let this happen when you freaking own Obsidian. It’s sad because the game might not live up to its potential in the hands of this small port studio. But it’s annoying that Sony pays pennies for these exclusives and even gets many of them for free when Xbox seems to over pay for everything. It’s a deliberate Sony move no reason to pretend it wasn’t.

I mean, it’s an FFVII Remake style thing iirc.

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