Konami restructuring and merging video game production divisions




F :yamchadead:

bruh wtf

I think it’s more a downscale and reshuffle than a complete closing. But I’m looking for some better sourcing and understanding of Konami’s divisions.


its toward the end of this page. They’re dissolving three production divisions.

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PES is dead as well ?

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Now I’m wondering what this will actually mean. Are they moving more people towards their, quite successful, mobile projects? Are they thinking of making actual video games again besides PES? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get your hopes up, on the smallest chance it is true it might be because they can’t turn everything into a pachinko machine during these times.

Konami is a super successful conglomerate that doesn’t need to waste money on AAA gaming experiences. I know it stinks for those that like those IP’s but it isnt as if they are failing without them.

Basically similar internal consolidation to what most of the other major Japanese publishers have over the past few years. Nothing too crazy.