Konami and Bloober Team have entered a strategic partnership - XboxEra

This pretty much confirmed what Jeff Grubb said about abandoned not being Silent Hill and that Kojima Episodic Horror Game will be publish by Microsoft.

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who is the other “prominent Japanese developer” who is also doing Silent Hill ? :giphy:

Imo nobody, journous are leaving the hope for Sony fanboys, thar’s it. After years of riding that fake rumour, it’s incredible how a factual news has destroyed the hype, lmao, I wonder if people were more interested in exclusivity lists than the actual game.

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there is another studio in japan doing SH too.

Didn’t someone say koei?

I’ll believe when they announce it, too much shit on this topic for years.

Today’s news just proves people care more about the “Sony Exclusive” or “Kojima” name being tied to the project than the actual Silent Hill game.


The amount of toxicity on otherera is unbelievable, this is “core” gaming in a nutshell people - entitled, toxic, manbabies with a lot of knee jerk reactions thrown into the mix. Just think how guys from Bloober checking that thread would feel like…this is sad and infuriating at the same time.


can be. we’ll see soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


See you on gamepass

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For a franchise as irrelevant as Silent Hill there are a lot of wild takes about it “being dead”.

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I’m starting to warm up to the idea a bit. Really The Medium with a different coat of paint could have made a great Silent Hill.

That Era thread on this news is embarrassing

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They are mad about the non exclusivity thing, now they are willing into existence that the rumoured second one must be exclusive, lmao.

they were really convinced about Blue Box, Kojima and PS exclusive…


Yeah how dumb of Konami to not give No Name Blue Box the Silent Hill IP which has been irrelevant since 2003!

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Blue balls

At very least, their game will have combat now…

I hope so and a AAA budget too. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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They aren’t masters of the temper-fu martial arts.

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