Kojima Productions were working on an exclusive Stadia game

"The Kojima Productions project is understood to have been positioned as an episodic horror game. Sources indicated that the Japanese studio was keen to innovate in the cloud gaming space, but the deal was ultimately blocked by Stadia GM Phil Harrison last year.

This is possibly the project designer Hideo Kojima was referring to last summer, when he told a Japanese publication he had recently seen a “major” project cancelled. “I’m pretty pissed, but that’s the games industry for you,” he said.

Kojima Productions did not offer a response to this story."

There’s more about the other studios in the article but something specific I wanted to talk about is if there was a possibility that Xbox picked the project back up. It DOES say the game was cancelled, but an episodic game would be perfect for Game Pass. Was Phil possibly hinting at funding a Kojima game having a Ludens statue in the background on his stream a few days ago?


It’s always possible he wasn’t hinting at anything and he was just showing his gaming collectables…


Ok. I was not bothering about the Luden statue and people trying to theorise that it could mean Xbox is working with Kojima, because I thought Phil was just a fan of the studio and there was nothing to it. However, with this news it is clear that Kojima’s next game is probably not with Sony and Microsoft has the cloud infrastructure and service that would compliment this rumoured game, so it is certainly possible that Xbox is working with Kojima.

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Would have been perfect for Game Pass. Phil, you know what to do.

Actually, I thought that the Ludens X Xbox thing in Phil’s background was a bunch of nothing but who knows.

Didn’t know that Kojima was so interested to try something with cloud gaming.

Stadia refused his project (last spring or before I guess) so I wonder if he discarded it entirely or tried to sell it to MS now that xCloud has launched (in some countries) in September and MS has big plans to expand it in 2021 (Series X servers blades, iOS, PC, TVs, more countries…). Plus we know from a recent job listing that MS wants to make cloud-based games (with “external developers”)

Join Xbox Game Studios as an innovative leader and help us achieve our mission to reach over 3 billion gamers.

We are seeking a Senior Director, Cloud Gaming to shape and drive a new initiative focused on making great games designed for the cloud. You will partner with external developers to create a roadmap for producing new game products, plus building an internal team to navigate relationships between partner teams within Xbox and Microsoft, bringing new cloud-based technologies into our games.

The ideal Senior Director, Cloud Gaming has proven experience directing a game or a studio, and has deep technical experience. You are excited about pushing technological boundaries in gaming and enjoy building upon the work of others by uniting teams under a shared common vision.

Build an internal multidisciplinary Xbox team from the ground up to advance the world of cloud gaming through partnerships with independent developers.

Experience building, running, and managing a successful game and/or development team; ideally with multiple projects and priorities.

Developing and delivering innovative new technology in a game or other service/application.


I would have loved to see this get announced, if only for the meltdowns. :laughing:

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Shame about Journey to the Savage Planet 2. I really enjoyed the first one (thanks GamePass) much to my surprise. I had not tried out the DLC yet.

The Kojima title was probably still years away, given how long previous titles took. At least this one wasn’t teased year after year after year after year at E3.

Doesn’t the studio that handles 2nd party releases currently have a rumoured AAA project unnanounced?

Several even :


As Narrative Director on the Xbox Game Studios Publishing team, oversee all narrative-related elements for multiple XBOX first-party franchises, most recently the critically-acclaimed “Microsoft Flight Simulator” and other exciting new AAA titles yet to be announced.

Jesus Google killed that too? I’m speechless…

LMFAO, there could’ve been a Stadia-exclusive Yu Suzuki game too? :skull:


Definitely seems like something Microsoft would green light.

I wonder who is going to snap up all the projects from the stadia grave yard.

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Idk if any of the big publishers is too keen to work with Yu Suzuki.

Okay… This was pointed out on Era but now im convinced there’s something actually happening

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They currently have 27 jobs listed, doesn’t look like they’re slowing down hiring even though this was canceled, actually looks like they are ramping up

Given the last game from him that I actually liked was Ground Zeroes (did he even direct that?), I can’t say I’d be overly excited at the prospect of something experimental from him using the cloud. Even if it is Xbox exclusive.

The salt factor loses its allure when the project in question is something no one would care about.

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He directed Ground Zeroes. I think an exclusive Kojima game is a huge feather in Microsofts cap. He brings the kind of weirdness and unpredictability that MS first party needs right now.

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It’s also a major boon for Xbox’s presence in the Japan development community too. Especially if all future Kojima games at the very least now are coming to Xbox too.

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MS getting an Kojima exclusive is similar to an Oscar bait movie. It’s not going to make any real profit (the casual fan may not even like it) but all that prestige…

It could be a hit for services though.

For example, Cloverfield Paradox would’ve probably bombed in theaters, but it was a hit on Netflix.

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