Klobrille teasing 2021 launch line up?!

It could be just nothing important.

Halo and Psycho nuts are confirmed 2021 launch line up.

Forza could easily make it by end 2021.

SoD 3 is the most unexpected one.

What you guys think?


Nah, I think it’s just Klobrille making more cool graphics. State of Decay 3 being a 2021 release is highly unlikely.


Agreed but I’m not sure SoD3 coming out next year isn’t in the cards.

The first State of Decay was in 2013, State of Decay 2 was 2018, that’s a 5 year gap. I can’t see State of Decay 3 being 2021. 2022, maybe.

No, he isn’t. He’s said it himelf, he’s not an insider. He does these graphic designs because he’s a passionate fan.

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The timing and context of this art is what makes me question it.

He usually give context on his posts for arts he make.

Also, he has already made the arts for these games before.

There is no info from xbox on these titles lately.

Why would he only choose these 4 titles with no context?

Mu guess, he maybe teasing afterall.


I hear you but the size of the team since SoD 2 released has nearly tripled. Additionally, with them being first-party instead of a contract dev like last time has given them a lot more support and tools. Both elements combined, it’s possible that means development has accelerated. The only rub for me is how much COVID affected their dev process.


Will close the thread now😅


Requesting for thread to be closed!

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I fully expect a Forza title in 2021. State of Decay 3 is probably 2023.

Best insider ever : )

Exactly, with the trailer for 3 and the supposed big budget they received to make 3 a triple A game, I don’t see the third one releasing until end of 2022.

The rest of the games in the picture Are fair game though. I expect Halo during the spring, Forza during the fall accompanied by either the Initiatives new game or Hellblade 2.

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He’s sure good at photoshop!

This 100%.

Slim chance Forza Motorsport releases in 2021 and not a shot in hell State of Decay 3 releases in 2021 and if it does, im staying far away.

I feel people put way too much faith into these Twitter accounts ngl

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I would consider myself the luckiest gamer in the world if we got halo infinite and sod3 in the same year lol!

SoD3 was early into pre production at the July Showcase. That game is coming in like 2024

What’s the correct to way to close a thread?

I Want to close this thread as its already proven to be incorrect.

Thank you

Does anyone see Halo coming out in the first 6 months of 2021? I see at as a winter game.

Nope. I’m staying with my November 5th, 2021 release date.