Killer Queen Black - Developer Interview

Hi folks!

Tomorrow I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing the developers of Killer Queen Black, which releases tomorrow on Game Pass, and is something you should all most assuredly add to your download queue.

A few of the XboxEra team have been playing the game over the last week or so and a thoroughly good time was had by all!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like to ask the developers about the game, or working with Microsoft and launching into Game Pass, please let me know in this thread, and I’ll do my best to bring some of them in with me when I sit down with the developers.



What was the process for launching into game pass like? Obviously you can only be so detailed but any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


What was the process of taking the game from arcade machines to console? Are there unique challenges that the average person wouldn’t be aware of?

Any plans for a sequel or are you thinking of starting a new project?

8 player controller support is unique to the Switch and Xbox when it comes to consoles, and a unique feature for a game to have in general. How difficult was it to test 8 player modes for game balance, arena size, and so on?

Also, porting a local multiplayer game that requires precision timing to supporting online play must have had its challenges as well, but necessary for possible eSports adoption. While it’s hard to predict which games will catch on in the eSports arena…is it something the team thinks about in the back of their minds?

If you have to choose one question that’s cool. Choose whichever you feel is most interesting.

I’ve never played the game or heard of it until fairly recently. What are some good tips and tricks for a new player to get up and running and having fun?

The games art is gorgeous!

From watching some videos on Killer Queen Black, it appears the game is easy enough to grasp but tricky to master. If this is the case, what are some of your inspirations?

As a cheeky followup, are there any old inspirations or IP you would love to drag back into the 21st century?

Thanks, Cerys!

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When are new maps coming?

They did Kickstart a Killer Queen spinoff that is a single-player platformer.

Oh fair play new the franchise so I’m not to educated on it

Was there any particular franchise in gaming that inspired you too make killer queen black ?

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Interview is now live!


Great Interview! good work @Sikamikanico


Good job!


Great work @Sikamikanico !