An abandoned copper mine in the snowy mountains of Alaska. This original 4v4 Arena map is a remake of a Halo 5 map that I made and it’s based off of a real place in Kennecott, Alaska. Look it up! This map is asymetrical featuring unique vertical interactions, interesting lines of sight, and intense fights for the power weapons and strongholds. Don’t freeze up!



Added: Oddball, King of the Hill, Named Locations

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Replaced one of the frag grenade spawns with Spike grenades. Made the windows with glass in them darker so they are more distinguishable from the windows you can shoot through. Changed the door on the office behind sniper to different doors.

Big thanks to Soz3r and the other playtesters in this video for their feedback and gameplay! Friday Night Feast Map Highlight - Kennecott by Bromaniac35 - YouTube