Justin Roiland Resigns from 'High on Life' Developer Squanch Games


Originally published at: Justin Roiland Resigns from 'High on Life' Developer Squanch Games - XboxEra

What You Need to Know

  • Cofounder of Squanch Games Justin Roiland resigns from the company amidst domestic felony charges.
  • Squanch Games will continue to operate and support their recent title, High on Life.

This evening, High on Life developer Squanch Games confirmed that Justin Roiland has resigned from the company amidst domestic felony charges in an incident dated back to 2020. The company tweeted out a statement saying that they will continue to support the game and that they no longer have ties to the cofounder. This comes in the wake of other companies such as Adult Swim letting go of Justin Roiland and continuing to produce the 7th season of Rick of Morty, a show that brought Justin to the spotlight.

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Dammit Justin WHY!!! Why’d you have to go an do it

Damn. The fact that he resigns says a lot.

I’ve seen people say Xbox can still work with Squance Games, but a big part of the charm of High on Life is Justin’s work.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish if the allegations and leaked messages are true.

Assuming they carry it on this guy sounds just like him:

Nah, not really. People also say that about Rick and Morty and most of the stuff from that show isnt even his.

Worst case scenario they can consult Dan Harmond for a few ideas and jokes because he has the same style of humor(even tho he’s also a shithead, just a little less than Royland)

The studio will do fine for sure, specially if there’s support from Xbox in future games.

The studio is still owned by Justin Roiland despite his resignation, right? If so, he may be looking to sell it soon. I think it could be an interesting acquisition for Microsoft. High on Life was a big hit for the GP and was very well received by gamers. Making it a permanent exclusive would make sense, and Squanch Games could expand as a First Party studio to make an even more ambitious sequel. Regarding the absence of Justin Roiland, was he alone in writing the game? I think the universe is already in place and that IP can continue to be developed by talented people.