Just League: The Snyder Cut Trailer! 2021 HBO Max


Official trailer release today at the Fandom event. Holy shit this looks SO MUCH BETTER than Whedon’s cut. The color scheme, the effects, etc all look better.

I hope this turns out great, I’m super stoked.

edit: Film confirmed to be 4 hours in length. Will be released in 4 - 1 hour parts or 1 full 4 hour movie, your choice. They are also working to get it released internationally where HBO Max is not yet located.


Color me intrigued. BvS was ambitious but flawed, but it did a lot of things surprisingly well. This looks like that but… much better? We’ll see.

Holy F! How many scene did they cut from the Whedon cut ?

That movie looks awesome!

Edit: Video down.

Updated link, hopefully this one stays up longer.

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Damn, now i’m more interested in the snyder cut It feels different than the cut of the other Guy

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Snyders cut is basically a new movie, so it should feel way different.

Less than a quarter of snyder’s filmed material was used. And what stuff they DID use was often hastily re-edited to look different. The confrontation between superman and the league for instance, happened at night in the main version, but they colour corrected it for the theatrical cut to make it look like day…despite the buildings in the back still having lights on (presumably to match the reshoots). WB also had whedon put in a bunch of marvel style quipping and slapstick humour.

That’s why the fanbase was so intent on getting this cut out there. What we got was a frankenstein cut based on executive meddling and being ghost directed by a man who wanted to be there even less than the audience. Meanwhile WB learned nothing form cutting BvS’ entire second act and mandated that the film comes down under 2 hours.(because that will allow them to run more showings in the theatre and make more money. Flawless logic.)

It feels like whoever at WB is in charge of the DC Universe now have changed? I feel like they are doing a lot to right the ship of the DC film (and in general) universe. I wonder what happened, the original JL failing maybe?

Just confirmed… 4 hours long. You can watch in 4 - 1 hour parts or 1 full 4 hour movie.


Official link that won’t go away lol

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It’s… Amazing :heart_eyes:.

That trailer has got me really pumped and excited for the snyder cut. Cant remember the last time a movie trailer got me this excited, probably since the first avengers. Just hope it doesnt disapoint me again

Now lets see how many times i will end up watching the trailer before i nodd off tonight

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Was there a reason for the 4:3 trailer?

Haven’t heard any reasoning for that. Maybe it has something to do with them just quickly throwing together whatever is the most “complete” from the Snyder shots, no clue.

It is how the movie is going to look. The movie was shot with IMAX cameras, so they are going to release it “unfiltered” so to speak. Which I am personally fine with. The black bars will be jarring for a sec, but I like the larger image.

Time to get my 4:3 CRT monitor out for the true experience!

I kid. It’s gonna feel so damn jarring to go back to a non-widescreen modern production for sure. It’s not that I don’t watch that kind of stuff (I often watch The Simpsons or Family Guy in 4:3, rewatched The Shield not long ago, etc.), but those have an age.

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I think it’s awesome that films can get a second a second life and are not “set-and-forget”. Traditional cinemas no longer being the only source of revenue for feature length video is very exciting because it opens up opportunities like the Snyder Cut.

George Lucas was just ahead of the curve :wink:

And as a Batfleck fan, more is better! :bat:

It would be great if this became a trend. Movies that were heavily reworked, had a troubled development or simply had a crazy amount of content cut out get such “original vision” releases, celebrating what could have been. Suicide Squad next please, since we’re talking DC, but I’d love to see it for many other things personaly. It may not fix all issues a movie’s ever had, but at least it would be more coherent.

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Agreed. Except for a handful of creators, it’s just so common to hear, after the fact, of studio involvement changing the film that the director intended to make.

A non-traditional distribution model hopefully allows for some of the original creative vision to be restored and put on display. I’d be comfortable skipping primary cinema releases if a direct market “directors cut” became the norm.

That way studios can market-research a film to death for the primary cinema release if that’s what they think makes the most money in the release window, but the director can still have the option of the four hour story they actually wanted to tell.

Of course, this is only really feasible for movies with a legitimate market. Those that already flopped at the box office won’t throw millions at “fixing” it for the 3 people who might care. But it would work for so many things. Imagine if we had the original visions for the last Star Wars movies, for example. There of course I’m not sure how much they even filmed from them, but still.