Jurassic World Evolution 2 announced for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S; releasing 2021



I thought they would have updated the first one til end of times like their other management games, interesting choiche.

I found the first one to be a bit eh. Looking forward to this one though, as Frontier is an amazing studio.

Could be that they wanted to add/change stuff that was big enough that it warranted a whole new game rather than just updating and old game.

Or they just want people to pay full price again :slight_smile:

couldn’t get into this game at all.

I should probably get around to playing the first… I even have all the DLC. Humongous backlog ftw!

Today’s the day, anyone getting it? My son got given birthday money for it as he loved the first one so much even though he was only 4/5 when he played it.

I got the deliver pre-order version yesterday, just waiting on it unlocking.

I couldn’t get into the first. I like the idea of these games and I love dinosaurs but seems too much work. I might check it out if it comes to gsmepass or is really cheap

See when you played it did you know how to keep Dino’s happy. I didn’t and I didn’t like the game until I worked it out which for me meant a fair bit of googling.