Join us Tomorrow September 6th at 4PM PST/ 7PM EST for XboxEra's first Staff Halo Stream!

Join us TOMORROW on Sunday, September 6th at 4PM PST/ 7 PM EST as we have our first ever XboxEra staff Halo stream! We will be playing competitive custom games as well as matchmaking to kick off what we hope to be frequent Halo streams. The XboxEra staff loves Halo, and this stream is just the tip of the iceberg of what we want to do with Halo. We plan to eventually do community streams, campaign playthroughs, and eventually something exciting that we aren’t quite ready to talk about yet.

We will see you tomorrow!

Where to find the Stream

Timezone Conversions


Awesome to see this sort of thing. It will be great to be able to join in future games if you involve the community.

Only thing I’ll say is being from the UK, a midnight stream is difficult to participate in on a Sunday night so if there can be any earlier streams in future that would be awesome (I also understand how difficult timing of these things can be).


When we do community streams we will find a timezone that orks for everyone

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Nice! A bit late my tz but I’ll be there to see some Halo pros in action :wink:

I wouldn’t get your hopes up there lol. While many of us are very passionate about Halo and the franchise, I feel very few of us particularly good at the game.

Besides Proven, of course.

Hehe, no pressure. :wink:

I demand flawless LASO runs. :smile:

Hype :smiley:

Nice! I’ll tune in for sure.

Looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that we need some Big Team Battle!

Would you mind putting the european standard timezone in the title going forward? Just to include us Europeans :slight_smile:


We are starting in roughly 30 minutes, so join us if you are able to.

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Was a really fun first stream, we will fix any technical issues we experienced. Had quite a few viewers too for our first stream. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

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