Jelle's Marble Runs. THE THREAD! THE GAME! THE LIFE! (PC) Autumn 2021'sMarbleRuns

The greatest Youtube Channel of all time is coming in game form in Autumn!

For those who don’t know Jelle the marble master has a channel dedicated to the sport of Marble racing. Think of him as a nicer, less evil and more Dutch Bernie Eccleston.

Basically he crafts marble runs as “Olympic sports” or “Formula 1” or “dirt track racing” and then you have fun watching them sprint round his hand made tracks and seeing who wins. He goes to tons of effort building the tracks and set, and even had faux opening ceremonies complete with stop motion and “royal” marbles greeting the contestants

Its good clean fun. Ridiculous but fun, it compelled my daughter and I to craft some runs of our own out of plywood and then buy more materials to make more (a job for the school holiays).

Though this low budget indie PC game is probably only of interest to me @SuikerBrood and @FairyEmpire as the soulful intellectuals of the site, if nothing else give the channel a go. Especially if you have kids.


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This has the potential to be really great. Jelle’s channel is one of the best things on YouTube, and a good marble videogame was sorely needed. Marbles on Stream is too limited unless you keep paying.

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Hell yes. This forum has become ten times better now that we have a JMR thread.

Go O’Rangers!



hahaha so outta left field.

Galactic mains wya??

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…Could we have an XboxEra Marble League!!!


I just noticed the thumbnail on the forum simply reads: “Welcome to Marble” which is mightily pleasing.

Also yes! :slight_smile: