Jeff Grubb podcast: there will probably be a Bethesda event after deal conclusion

Timelapse : from 1:09:00.

And he thinks many titles Will be exclusives and the event could be on 15/16 March

Very huge if true


Very good news if true, and Jeff hasn’t missed much in the past.

That would make it one month from now, finally something substantial! Hope to see Starfield even if a small tease, Wolf3nstein (lol), Arkane’s project, ironically more Deathloop and Ghostwire footage, and alongside it, all the first half of 2021 stuff like Psychonauts 2 release date trailer, Crossfire X, The Ascent. That’ll be enough for teasing up to E3 I think, where they can reveal FH5, Starfield gameplay, Halo infinite gameplay, Hellblade 2 gameplay, maaaaaybe another Fable or Avowed trailer, gameplay from Everwild, Compulsion’s project, etc.

The biggest thing will be confirming exclusivity of Bethesda moving forward.


I just hope they clarify everything. I hate all the uncertainty with bethesda. Just give us a game plan on whats going on. even if the games arnt going to be exclusive just let us know. I hope they stay exclusive to the xbox platform btw. If they show a tailor for starfield or any other bethesda game and there still isn’t a console list at the end or something saying its only on xbox im gonna be pissed.


I hope they announce that it’s an exclusive and coming out this year!

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dis gon b good GIF

Starfield and Elden Ring feel like fever dreams at this point lol!

A bit disappointing Bernie wasn’t in the pic…

It has to be exclusive. If not, I quit gaming.

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Why are people so stressed out if Bethesda games are exclusive?

Because MS has made weird decisions before, see the last one with the gold price hike.

But I’m sure everything will be fine.


Oh boy I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not lmao some people in here are like that, gonna lean more towards sarcasm lol :crossed_fingers:

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I don’t get it either. What do I care. I have an XSX and gamepass so I’ll get all those games either way.


this forum requires an explicit sarcasm indicator, some folks be out here taking these obvious jokes very seriously hahaha. No shade though, but yeah be careful meng

I find that adding a “/s” ruins the joke completely. A good sarcasm should have an ounce of truth and probability to it, which is ruined, like most jokes, if you put up a sign with “THIS IS A JOKE”.


everything needs to be exclusive apart from service games like elder scrolls online and fallout 76. Simply because xbox needs to be not behind ps5 on games.

PS5 has a pretty stacked 2021/22 with rachet, returnal, horizon 2 + Ragnarok.

It would be foolish of xbox to let ps5 have more momentum early in the gen.


Wonder if Grubb is in the know about stuff or if these are just still guesses.

He seems to have a lot of sources related to Xbox. Most of his leaks seem to be Xbox related.


I’d trust him tbh. He knew Perfect Dark was real, so confidently leaked it on a random stream comment, then had to backtrack saying “oh I hear it’s set in the same world, not necessarily perfect dark game, or playing as joanna” lol probably almost burned too many bridges there.

Also, his Summer Game Mess always has these mystery slots which fill up largely correctly over time as and when they’re revealed.

Only the live gold going free part was a bit of a miss, but even that was confusing, and you could see him extremely pissed about the gold hike on twitter lol, absolutely trashed MS for it, cuz it probably did creep up on him that his “insider info” was not just wrong, but opposite lol. No one could have predicted that dumbass move, and it undermines my confidence in MS making the right move with Bethesda a bit.

Other than that, yeah I would trust him.

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Oh, don’t get me wrong, I definitely trust him. He had many things right last year indeed. But I wonder if that part about Starfield is him making a guess or if he already knows more about the plans by Xbox. :slight_smile: