Jeff Grubb: Perfect Dark, Gears 6, and id Software updates


Not suprised at all for the somewhat backtracking here. So much over reacting on the Xbox side of things . Some warranted some not .

A lot of things seems to come down to the cause of someone read or heard it with emotions to fit their desires or simple comprehension issues with “was in” / “had” versus “is” / “has”.

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“Update” :roll_eyes: aka “backpedal because people with better info contradicted me.”

Even insiders with a “good rep” can blow hot air when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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It’s all good with me. I’ll take any good news now, especially when I was already expecting PD to be one to forget about. Clearly way too quickly on my part, but hey.

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Perfect Dark being shown during the showcase would most likely depend on if Crystal Dynamics/The Initiative have something ready to show but if they do, im hoping that it’s a gameplay teaser trailer.

I’m 100% expecting Gears of War 6 to be revealed similar to Gears of War 5 back at E3 2018 where it’s a great reveal trailer and says the following year at the end which in this case would be 2025. Fall 2025 is my guess for when it actually releases.

I’m also 100% expecting the next Doom game to get revealed by Id Software since it’s been four years since Eternal released. As someone who’s not into Doom, was hoping for something else but oh well, no biggie. I don’t believe for a minute that it releases in the second half of 2024. More like Spring 2025 unless it’s actually ready AND one or two games are getting delayed to 2025.


It would be great if PD is there. Of the announced game in the last few years that’s the one I’m most interested in because I am curious how they will update that game.

I am still holding out hope that they draw more inspiration from the og N64 Perfect Dark rather than Zero. Open ended missions that can be completed in any number of ways like in the original , as well as multiple objectives per mission that changed based on difficulty. Don’t see too many games today mad the way PD was. (even in It’s day) I would love it it continued to separate itself from other FPS the way the original did. It’s been too long since we had “Post-Cyberpunk 007”.

It doesn’t need to play 1.1 like the OG game just look at what made it great and update it. Kind of like what was done with Doom 2016.


im most excited for doom. I loved 2016 and eternal. I wonder if it will be exclusive

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No offence to anyone, but if you’re in the business of farming clicks and views, posting anything people will watch or click on …Is the job.

I would’ve loved something new from ID but mainly because it seemed like Eternal and especially the DLC wrapped up the story arch. But of course if they’ve got some fresh ideas for where to take things i definitely wouldn’t say no to more Doom as there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Gears 6 is a weird one for me personally. On one hand i love the series and Marcus Fenix…but i’m just not fully into the new characters and story arch from Gears 4 and 5. If nothing else i’m excited to see how the game looks and how much they’ve shaken up the formula.

Perfect Dark is one i’m very curious about. Potentially Xbox could have another face for the brand in Joanna Dark if they market the game well and it turns out to be a good game. I agree with Joe Sinister in that it would be great if they took some inspiration from what made the original so highly regarded. We all know the realities of how expensive games are now and the time they take so i’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but there’s definitely potential for Perfect Dark to be FPS that stands out today if it does bring over some of the things the N64 PD did back in the game.

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