Japanese games. I just don't get it!

Appreciate the recommendations, but due to my previous comments I’m reluctant to buy any games and would probably only try games on gamepass for now. I bought a jrpg on switch that everybody was raving about on switch and hated every second of it.

Yakuza Like a Dragon. It has great English voice acting, modern graphics, fun characters, and classic jrpg gameplay. I recommend you start there as Yakuza Like a Dragon is easily the best game of the series.

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Each to their own, I’m not judging you honest.:wink:

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Get Tekken 7 :relaxed:

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Play Earth Defense Force and have the best time you could possibly have playing a videogame. :smile:


There’s an interesting conversation here. I am noticing some of the ones saying they aren’t really into/can’t get into “Japanese games” are people who seem to say they’ve been gaming since Atari/the 70s.

For me, I am in my early 20s and, well, just look at my profile picture… JRPGs are my favorite genre. I enjoy the bombastic soundtracks, over-the-top attack animations, for some the overly cheerful characters and rainbow color palate is repellant, for me I’m all over it, some tropes I really like such as “fighting god at the end” lol.

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Theres a lot dull jrpgs around as well. Maybe try persona. Its as good as those anime jrpgs will get

If youre first jrpg is something like a xenoblade 2. I can understand why youd hate them.

You probably mean “anime styled games” or something. Japanese games like Sonic, Resident Evil, Mario, animal crossing, metal gear solid and many more are probably games you enjoy or are familiar with.


It’s weird cuz there were entire generations that were overwhelmingly Japanese, like everything before Xbox. Unless they are people that came from PC gaming.

Yep, for sure. Even I do not like EVERY JRPG

I was told this series was really good and it even had “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. Hated it and dropped it (very rare for me to drop a game). Haven’t tried it again since 2017. Unfortunately I went over the refund time limit of 2 hours so that was $10 wasted.

Hyperdimension is the turd of the genre. Awfl awful series.

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I wouldn’t say overwhelmingly japanese. I grew up with the SNES then went onto the N64. I didn’t play Final Fantasy until I got a PS2. I lived in UK so we didn’t get all the JRPGS from the sNES era or they weren’t talked about.

If were talking japanese games like Mario and zelda…but they were just normal games for me. coudln’t distinguish between Japanese and western and N64 had shit ton of AAA western games from Turok, Goldeneye, Banjo etc…

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Ouch well, I bought it when it was on sale. I kinda enjoy the first game but didn’t finish it yet. Well I know people have different tastes on JRPG. My favorite JRPG is Tales of Berseria because it inspires me and I decided to write a story about an anti-hero or villain protagonist.

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You could be into something there, as that’s me. Never had a Nintendo until the Wii and had Sega and PlayStation systems. I did enjoy the original Tekken and battle arena toshinden but my reflexes just aren’t up to fighting games anymore

Well Japan has their own trends so while you may not like the current output there is a long history of differing styles coming out of Japan. This is no different than western games chasing military shooters or battle royal.

A better question is: What type of games do you like to play? I don’t really mean just a genre like FPS either, maybe a bit deeper like where you’d like slow paced games, thinking, competitive play, story (funny, sad, heroism), management, collecting, etc… for example.

What were you playing on Sega and Playstation though? Before Xbox came and smashed console and PC together, most big games were coming from Japan.

I like beseria. Sucks we never got it on xbox.

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Wii was your first nintendo system? Oooff

I’m not into “anime-y” stuff, like generic big eyed characters, anime tropes and shit. I think that’s what you wanted to say. Japanese games that I like are: Resident Evil, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Nintendo stuff without anime people in it. Probably more that I can’t think of at this moment.

I try to keep an open mind, though. A good game is a good game, so I play games like Nier Automata, despite the cringe design from the main character.

Other japanese stuff that I like: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (read all the manga), Berserk (read all the manga until the author’s death, dunno if they released more chapters), Attack on Titan (had to be spoiled about some stuff that happens later in the story to be interested in it), Hokuto no Ken, Junji Ito stuff…

I just find some of the creativity really neat. There is just some things in Japanese games where I’m like “No way any American would make something like this”

Eldin Rings character designs are so unique it’s insane. Sonic the Hedgehog wow look at that pop art. Mario? Who would have thought of a plumber jumping on mushrooms and goombas and turtles and chain chomps.

Pokemon? Literal Pocket Monsters! These ideas are just so cool to me. I may be generalizing but in the West it just boils down to shooting human enemy. I know that isn’t true but I can’t think of any western game out of the top of my head that dares try to do anything risky.

I think that’s why I liked the Xbox One because there was western games like Ori, Cuphead, and Killer Instinct that were totally unique. KI has a dinosaur fighting a warewulf fighting a mummy fighting a Battletoads. It’s crazy.