It's fun to watch the situation between Microsoft and Tencent

It’s funny to see that Microsoft and Tencent have quite similar Studios and IPs

For example I learned that Riot Game is made up of Warcraft modders and Hypixel Studios of Minecraft modders.

In similar genres we can see






Legends of Runeterra

Diablo 4

Path of Exile 2

It’s just funny how at this Stadium Microsoft owns the original Studios of these genres.

But Riot Game has also influenced Blizzard with the MOBA

League of Legends

Heroes of the Storm

It is also interesting to note that Riot Games is also developing an MMORPG and a Fighting game while Blizzard is embarking on survival and building.

Then of course Microsoft has other genres that Tencent does not have and vice versa like an RPG of the Elder Scrolls genre (I wonder if Bethesda did not hire the Fallout76 modders to prevent another competing Studio from having their genre emerges from another publisher because Bethesda’s RPGs have never been imitated or equaled I also expect no one to copy Rare over games like Sea of Thieves or Everwild I think they do their own thing and no one else is capable of developing similar games)

That was just a little reflection that I found amusing between Microsoft and Tencent, did you notice that too ? :slightly_smiling_face:


I love Blizzard and Riot games but damn Blizzard cutscenes are on a whole other level

I don’t feel like Riot Games do voiceovers to their cutscenes it’s often a song

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Riot has been poaching Blizzard talent for long. And Blizzard was the only studio in between Tencent and expanding their leadership by quite some distance (revenue wise).

I believe Blizzard is revisiting their MOBA strategy. Unless they are sure of the quality they will not launch Heroes of the Storm. Or some other moba IP.

And MoBA is the real cash earner

Wasn’t there a rumor about MoBA with Xbox mascots or something like that? True or not before, now it can work here. Just saying.

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Btw, THAT HotS trailer is something, though. Blizzard makes good cinematic trailers

I missed those days. I have hope in Xbox to bring it back.

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All these cinematic trailers are top class.

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Going to binge watch all these Blizz trailers now

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It was a Warcraft III mod called DotA which inspired Riot to make League of Legends. it’s kinda full circle :wink: