Its 2020, I think it's time people stop crying about monetization in online games

I swear its the same boring nonsensical posts and rambling everytime a game is announced to have monetization. Today it was Cyberpunk and a few weeks ago it was people crying about the potential ones in Halo Infinite.

As long as they dont interfere with the gameplay or the experience (99.999% don’t) who cares what way companies choose to make money particularly if they are giving the game away for free.


I think people have the right to speak up about things they are paying money for. If it wasn’t for that, we would still be looking at $10 Online Passes.

With that said, I don’t mind microtransactions as long as they are for premium cosmetics only. Basically it can’t offer a gameplay advantage to whoever pays for it, and the game also has to have a significant amount of unlockables during normal play.

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A lot of the time its people complaining about free games and how company monetizes those.

Oh, don’t mind me. I also hate when people just complain for the sake of it. I am tired of people blindly thrashing at a game for its microtransactions while never even wanting to get the game at the first place.

I’m just saying that there is still some valid discussion to be done around microtransactions.


True Mainly in this case just referring to people complaining about them just to do it regardless of circumstances.

I think people just need to vote with their wallets. Games with aggressive monetization can’t hurt you if you don’t participate in it. If everyone else is okay with it and you’re not, you’ll just have to live with it. Play another game and move on. This really isn’t a new concept to gaming. Arcades used to be all about games designed to empty your wallet.

I loathe F2P games like Fortnite. I consider it unethical to target children with online monetization, and it’s almost like online gambling for minors. I’d hate to be a parent that got that credit card bill. I wish that whole market would just disappear.

But it won’t

I agree that the we have the right to express ourselves. However, I feel that many comments are merely reactionary shoot from the hip positions that truly lack any thought.

If CDPR give us DLCs like what we saw with TW3, I cannot see how anyone would begrudge them.

If MTX is purely cosmetic, I don’t see the harm.

That is just my 2 cents…

I was going to mention this as it does feel particularly scummy these days but it really has always been apart of gaming. Nintendo even had that “1-900” number kids could call for game tips. I remember calling it myself because I couldn’t remember the Konami code and the guy who answered it didn’t even know…what a scam.

At least the Xbox has some nice parental controls on it to help prevent kids from running up a bill without permission.

I think the “Think of the children” excuse is absurd. There exist parental controls for a reason to avoid stuff like this. Also Children should not be given free access to a credit card much less in a gaming console.

I think parenting also plays a part.

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I don’t think of it that way. I think of it as taking advantage of children, and naive parents as a result. I have numerous friends that have banned their kids from Fortnite after receiving a rather large credit card bill. I didn’t think up the example on my own … Some of those kids were even in high school and used their “emergency” credit card

It goes beyond that, there’s a greater ethical influence of how microtransactions and monetization are conducted. Think about, for example, how loot boxes subject children to gambling. Even though children is kept away from credit card access, the way these games are designed promotes vanity - it makes them desire it, and that’s enough to be worth looking into.

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Certain monetization schemes can affect the overall game design and how it plays. So I hope people continue to complain about any kind of outrageous money making schemes that will affect a game. I don’t want the tradional video game market to turn into the mobile game market, where it’s closer to gambling games than real video games.

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That is the danger. Mobile gaming is terrible, but makes good money for those vested in gacha and F2P