It is time to BOOST! Digital Foundry: FPS Boost Marathon: 15 Games Tested

Sit down, take a load off, and enjoy 30 minutes of discussion between Rich Leadbetter and Tom Morgan as they showcase their favourite titles from the recent 74 game drop of FPS Boosted experiences for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

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Do they spend half the video complaining about resolution?

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Nah, pretty solid balance on preaching up the greatness of 60 fps smoothness and how you can’t really go wrong with either choice (staying at 4k 30fps vs lower 60fps). Also some praise on taking games without enhancements from 30fps upto 120fps on SeriesX.

great video

Gears 4: Was one of DF’s favourite FPS Boost titles. DF really impressed with Series S running this at locked 60fps/1080p, no frame drops whatsoever, “game changer for Series S.”

Anthem: FPS Boost on Series X only. Near locked 60fps. Resolution is closer to 900p (using One S code path), “a real success.”, odd and hard choice to pick between 4K/30fps and 900p/60 fps.

Homefront: Runs at 900p. Mostly 60fps but unusual random drops on Series X. Same resolution on Series S but frame rate drops a lot more.

Yakua 6: 1080p/60fps on Series X. Very minor frame drops. 900p/60fps on Series S, more drops down to 55/45 fps. Not deal breaker.

Metro Redux: 120fps on Series S and X, @ 912p. Perfect frame rate according to DF on both consoles, “nothing bad to say about it.”

Paladins: 120fps, some minor stutters, no real drops.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: On Series X, “phenomenal” - aims for 60fps/3584p. For vast majority of gameplay, framerate is great, alpha and water affects hit frame rate. Series S runs at 900p, great frame rate, Rich’s best FPS-Boost title so far on Series X. Expect separate DF video on this game.

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Series X, locked 60fps. Series S can run at 52fps at times, otherwise runs at 80fps like its Dark Tower brother. Runs at 900p on both consoles.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided: On Series S, locked 60fps from start to finish. No One X patch was created for this.

FarCry 5: 1440p/60fps on Series S, essentially locked 60fps. Attempts to cause performance issues on Series S failed. Same on Series X, locked. No knockout blow like Tomb Raider here due to unused power of Series X left sitting on the table for this one.

Mad Max: Series X, 120fps. Series S, 60 fps. MS Wizards have made 30fps game on Xbox One run at 120fps on Series X. DF’s frame rate bar hugging 120fps part of the graph as if its life depended on it.

Dying Light: Locked 60fps on Series X. No FPS boost for Series S.

Watch Dogs: Series S, 60fps running at 792p (XB1 code base), perfectly locked 60fps on both Series consoles.

Hollow Knight: 120fps on Series S and X, “super smooth.”


You need to hit up the Resetera thread for that.


Thanks for the summary, definitely need to check some of these out!

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Great TL:DW!

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Mad Max runs super smooth now indeed. Superb job, wizards at MS :+1:

Looks like I have to finally finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Game’s near locked to 60fps and is very close to 4K, which is definitely good enough for me.

Also wonder if I’ll enjoy Far Cry 5 more now at 60fps. I kept pushing on when it came out but I just… wasn’t finding it fun for some reason, despite the fact it had virtually all elements of other episodes I enjoyed.