Issue with Series X

I am having an issue trying to play games on my XSX. I have a ton of games on external drives, and some of them when I click to play them it just makes a noise and then never opens the game. It doesn’t give me an option to update it if that’s what required.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Could be a problem with the external drive. I have an external seagate but sometimes games dont start at all or textures take like 5 mins to load, so i just dont bother with it and make do with the xsx’s internal ssd.

Try disconnecting the external and try the same games on the internal, if u dont get the same issue u know its your external.

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Also make sure the games on external storage are NOT Optimized/Patched for Series X|S consoles. They won’t ever load from anything other than Internal NVME or External NVME Storage Card.

You can also try restarting the console to make sure it’s not glitched.

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Sounds like a corrupted HDD.

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This was my thought too, especially if you are getting a noise.

See if you are able to transfer the game onto the internal drive. If there is bad transfer rates or it just can’t do it I’d say the drive is gone.

Yeah I have done that. Won’t boot from external or internal storage. Every other game on the drive works, except for Doom1, Doom 2, and Doom 3. It can’t be a coincidence.