Issue with Forza Horizon 3. Not sure where to go

My son has Forza Horizon 3 on his Series X, and recently when he played it all his DLC and cars he had bought and earned were gone.

Rang Xbox help desk and they told me that I would have to contact the maker of the game. I said Xbox made the game. She said that I would have to contact Playground Games to get an answer. The only option is to email them, which I did. There was a generic reply that said due to Covid they had no idea when they could reply to my enquiry. No joy from them yet.

So I am trying to work out where I can go, or what I can try, to get all the cars etc back.

Now he changed over from a One X to a Series X and all the games were on external drives and just plugged in to the Series X.

Could this have made all his stuff disappear?

If I delete it and reload the game will it automatically then download all the DLC etc?

Or because the game is no longer supported, will I be able to download it?

I have to say that customer support is pretty lacking when you have a game you have spent a fair bit of money on with buying cars and DLC, and you have no one that can fix it for you.

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Are the DLC not available to download again?

As long as you bought the game and the DLC before just click the menu button on the forza Horizon 3 game and than go to the manage game section and all the dlc will be there if i were you i install them in the internal storage.

Can you reinstall these dlc if you search them in the store separately?

Yep this. I wonder if its something funky like DLC was installed on the One X internal? Don’t know for sure…but…

The ONLY other thing is some sort of profile/rights issue - assuming the obvious and the same gamertag is signed in - has the change in console impacted on any game sharing arrangements? That’s something that can happen where you are in effect gamesharing across two gamertags but when a console is changed if the home account isn’t added as home or whatever it means you lose access to your stuff you were sharing.

Thanks, will give it a go.

In addition to what Gamerlorian recommended, if the DLC doesn’t show as available in the Manage Game menu, I’m wondering if it could be something related to the Home console setting on the Series X not being set after migrating from the One X. Was the game and DLC purchased under your son’s account, yours, or someone else’s? Did the account that the purchase was made under set the new Series X as their Home console (under Personalization in Settings, IIRC) so that other accounts could access the game & DLC without needing the original account signed in?

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It was all under his username. We have two separate live accounts etc, so no sharing between consoles. When he set up the new one it was pretty automatic with it. All the games were moved across to hard drives before the console switch happened. I wonder if the DLC etc didn’t copy across to the hard drive, and only the base game did. I have emailed Playground awhile ago and got a reply saying they don’t support FH3 anymore. I replied that it was purchased DLC and still o reply. I have to say the customer service is really poor.

Do you still have the one x? Does it appear in the one x under his name still? Can you not look at your purchase history to find the dlc and things to redownload?

No we sold the One X. I’m back home in a couple of days, so will check.

Playground would be more focused on support for game issues, while billing and console download issues would be handled by Xbox Support. You should be able to verify the DLC purchase by going to and looking under the billing and purchase history. If you go into the Store on either the Xbox or via on a PC/Phone, do you see the DLC showing as already owned? If so, you should be able to kick off an install from there.