Is Xbox Game Studios Publishing picking up the right games?

It’s really tedious when people use popularity as some kind of barometer of how excited others should be. Like, someone expresses indifference to mediocre IP such as Ark 2 coming to Game Pass, and someone else responds: Actually, I think you’ll find millions of people play that game! As though that’s some kind of argument in favour of the game’s quality or uniqueness, or is likely to convince the original person to care about it. I’m pretty sure the original poster understands how capitalism works, and that often Microsoft has to cater to the lowest common denominator in order to continue funding more niche stuff, but it sure doesn’t stop people rushing in to cheerlead Microsoft’s terribly impressive financial savvy in the most predictable way.

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Literally no one said any of that when discussing titles like Ark 2 (neither its quality or “uniqueness” - though the latter is debatable for sure), OP’s point was essentially speaking as some sort of monolith to describe why XGS GP’s titles are bad and players don’t care about them - the facts presented to counter that point prove exactly opposite. Stating facts isn’t cheerleading.


Closing due to a bad-faith premise meant to stoke console/list-warring.