Is this plausible? PlayStation Spartacus on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation?

In a world of acquisitions and everyone buying everything in sight (and consolidation is a real threat to the gaming industry), could we see a future where Xbox and PlayStation form a partnership and bring competing services to each others’ consoles? How long into the future? 5 years? 10? 20?

Honestly, I think it could happen but moreso want it to happen. If Amazon, Google and Apple start to bring the heat and start to aquire big time publishers, it could take away beloved franchises and series of games.

We know Microsoft is about fencing out the Big 3, but what if they have wire cutters and sneak in an undercover of darkness mission, and successfully penetrate that fencing and breach their way of establishing the purchasing of studios and publishers forever choking both Sony and Microsoft of further acquisitions. It’s said that Apple has $200 billion to spend, and if they go all in on gaming… my God help us all.

I could see a future where both PlayStation and Xbox partner together to keep each other healthy and sustainable IF in a world of Google, Amazon and Apple are all in on gaming and finding their way past Microsoft’s “fence.”

What do you all think? Am I crazy? Do my thoughts make any or no sense whstsoever? I would love to hear from you all!! I don’t respond often, but always keep tabs here and will respond here and there.

Thank you all!

I don’t see Sony allowing it, unlike Microsoft they won’t put out launch titles. Comparing to the power of Microsoft. It would be extremely risky for Sony to allow this. But Microsoft should try through the open store.

Only is MS is able to bust open walled gardens

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Whenever Microsoft opens to new storefronts and payment processors as they say they will even in Xbox land… yes.

Eventually, yea, I feel its inevitable but not anytime soon

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I think both are perfectly positioned to make a killing in terms of profit if they did this

This is something decades down the line, if it ever happens at all.

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It’s possible. I do think it should happen. I’m fully in favour of breaking down the walled garden. My fear has always been what happens when only one does.

I think both sides could benefit here in the long-run.


Inevitably, yes, when streaming subscriptions take over as the primary form of game distribution and consumption. Then to sell hardware it’s going to be about service availability, akin to Movies & TV streaming options when choosing between a Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, or just using TV apps. The only way a device from Sony or Xbox will matter in 15-20 years is directly related to its breadth and depth of game subscription services.

I think it’s possible, but not anytime soon, this will take some time to happen, if it does.

It won’t happen until console gaming becomes obsolete.


Yup … let bring chaos from the other side

you know after the recent developments the idea/message that the MOON studios founder posted on ERA a couple of months ago might be prophetic

It will happen!

if Sony does have a competing service then there should be just one console pre-installed with Spartacus and Gamepass. This way gamers can play any game on a service or buy any game.

it’s a third party clusterfuck so I doubt it, unless you mean a version of the service that just has first party games from either of them on each other’s consoles then possible sometime really far down the line.

If I can play beauties like a HFW, Uncharted etc on Xbox I say hell yeah let’s go. But won’t this also mean much more work for developers of both Sony and Xbox Studios?

It is possible only when the consoles become third party devices without full platform holder control. Whether such future is possible or not is hard to say. But until we arrive to the full streaming it probably won’t happen.

That would be kind of neat; one console to rule them all.

(TBH, I never want Microsoft or Sony to leave the console business.) I would always like to have an option to play on dedicated hardware. Kind of like how Blu-ray disc is better than 4K streaming. Or CD over .mp3. They’re so close yet so far. I look at it as dedicated hardware will always be better than streaming.

That is basically the PC, if Sony ever catches up and does day and date releases