Is this next gen the least compromised one?

Are the Series X and PS5 the first non compromised console generation?

Last gen (PS4 and Xbox One) the consoles were compromised by weak CPUs and hard drives.

The PS3 and 360 gen were compromised by lack of RAM.

The PS2, Dreamcast and Gamecube were also compromised by RAM.

The PS1, Saturn and N64 was the first 3D generation, so it was breaking ground that wasn’t known.

This next gen we have strong CPUs. We have SSDs for the first time. We have GPUs that are quite strong and represent the latest AMD tech.

On top of that the Series X has the latest API extensions at launch, which wasn’t the case with the Xbox One. Features such as VRS, Ray Tracing, Mesh Shaders, Sampler Feedback Streaming and Machine Learning are only recently introduced, and some like SFS and Mesh Shaders haven’t been used yet by any game. In alot of ways these consoles are at the cutting edge of tech when you put the whole package together.

What say ye?

We are 6 months into this gen. We don’t know but Id say the Series X seems more future proofed.

Looking at what made last gen compromised, it may not be

Last gen CPU were the deal breaker. They where meant for 30 fps and 60 fps is what everyone wanted.

Now this gen, these CPUs are meant 60 FPS with no trouble.

Although, on PC games will be pushed by 5 GHz CPUs but that is meant for 120 FPS gaming.

From 30 to 60 fps was critical

From 60 to 120 fps is not

Or is it?

Edit :

Regarding memory: all these SSD tech is not meant to take consoles beyond PCs. It’s actually to make up for the limited vram. A typical gaming PC will have 12 GB of ddr5 RAM and 8 GB + of VRAM