Is This Console Generation Going to be Extended Due to the Pandemic?

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I was thinking about the possibility of our hardware’s life being extended due to this Covid-19 Pandemic, along with the global component shortages. I was fortunate to have been able to get a Series X, PS5, and build a new PC (Ryzen 5000 and 3080). One of the things that I am accustomed to is how quickly the technology moves on in the PC space. However, with the latest GPUs being hard to come by, we are looking at cards being released over 6 months ago still being on the peak of the performance mountain.

The issue is analogous in some respect for consoles. Sales of the XSX/S and PS5 are supply constrained at the moment. I think that one of the few silver linings to all of this is that perhaps the vanilla consoles will enjoy a longer life. How can MS or Sony introduce hardware updates when the market may still be hungry for the base console? This may be good news for:

  • Developers to take time to understand the hardware
  • Publisher who need console sales to hit a critical mass to maximize software sales
  • Hardware manufacturers, who can take their time and release meaningful hardware revisions
  • Consumers, who will benefit from price reductions due to economies of scale, and die-shrinks

What do you think? Will the pandemic lengthen this console generation?


We are barely 5 months into the gen …


It’s called prognostication…

The forecasts that we are getting is that chip shortages are going to affect the marketplace through 2021. If that is the case, we may even see a 1 year extension of this gen.

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This past gen had none of that and we got extended thanks to mid gen refreshes.

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No one knows. I just imagine we will get a huge surge off games at one point, during the life cycle due to all these delayed games.


No. Microsoft will be hot to move onto using newer technology from AMD. In 3 to 4 years AMD will be beyond ZEN 4 and RDNA 3.


MS will update h/w when big step changes are made available like one X and Series consoles.

Manufacturing processes need to align as well. With covid putting a bit of hamper on chips ie shortages… there may be a delay to get to the next gen me thinks. But it might be too early to predict.

We need to get over covid and the impacts first.

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Yup. I can’t imagine a PS5 Pro in 2023 when most couldn’t even buy the PS5 in the first year. Add to that all the game delays. Add to that any possible delay to new middleware software like Unreal Engine 5, that many devs rely on. That’ll delay a lot of 3rd party games if it happens.

COVID-19 also means more demand. There are some that think that our changed habits will carry over post-covid:

The other wrench I see has nothing to do with COVID-19… cryptocurrency mining. If AMD/Nvidia can’t get cryptocurrency mining cards out there soon, maybe there will be shortages for PC gamers and many may decide to get a console and many may decide to not upgrade any time soon. Either way there will be less pressure to introduce mid-generation refreshes that can compare to the average PC. But hey, maybe they can get these mining cards out soon so that whole thing becomes normal again.

Question for the manufacturing experts: is it a zero-sum situation when it comes to new AMD cards and new consoles being built based on the same technology? Do they share parts?

I don’t want to derail the thread from the topic of the pandemic but I feel like crypto mining is another massive consideration. It’s almost like a 1-2 punch.

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That crypto-mining aspect is a good point. With the chip manufacturing capabilities as it is, and the new North American factories years away, the strain on the existing facilities will be remarkable.

If Sony wants to release a Pro in 2023, they need to book their slot now (if it not too late).

Good points. We are talking about a scenario where these manufacturers are making plans for new products with new technology, when most people do not have access to the existing technology. I found it interesting that people were talking about a 3080Ti when most couldn’t even secure a regular 3080 today.

Mid gen refreshes were likely coming anyway due to lack of raytracing performance on the current consoles (especially at higher framerates or lack of path tracing).

I expect the Xbox Series and PS5 to not get true successors till 2028 at the earliest.



Between the semi-conductor shortage crisis, delays for games leading to longer cross-gen times, economic recovery and more…

Settle in. We’re gonna be here for a whiel.

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That is very nearly the full backstory for a Microsoft first party game that I won’t say the name of.

Just sayin’.


Inside information?

LOLZ. No. Just saying it sounded like the Crackdown universe. :rofl:

Though possibly Perfect Dark?

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Anyways, enough sidetracking the topic. Sorry.


Crackdown 4 is based on a world where Gen 9 lasts longer then 7th Generation. Frustrated gamers take to the forums in massive ways of trolling. Gamers shitpost IRL demanding new generations of consoles that companies can’t yet justify to produce.

You play as an aspiring mod tasked with breaking the tide of virtual and real shitposts.

Crackdown 4: Mod Wars.

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I was thinking PD when you posted that! :slight_smile:

Xbox is heading the way of PC gaming, your One S will still be relevant in 10 years. Performance won’t be anywhere near optimal but you’re not going to be left behind like Sony will leave their PS5 users.

We will start the generation when anyone can walk into a store , buy a console and take it home. That is not happening anytime soon. Weird times

I can see this gen being the longest, both companies went pretty HAM with there hardware, and dev tools and technologies are seeing a lot of innovation.

The silicon shortage should ease up in the not to distant future.

All the big chip manufacturers are planning on building new factories, so that should meet demand.