Is there a feature that allows you to ignore threads?

The question is the subject.

I want to be able to ignore threads so they pop-up in my queue.

If this is not already a feature, this is my official feature request!


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On the bell icon just click Muted. You will no longer see the thread in the Latest list.


Perfect. Thanks.

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Cheers buddy!

Not a fan of this either. The mute option doesn’t come up if the thread doesn’t have any replies in it. I would rather have an option to mute or ignore from the main list of threads, without having to go inside each thread. Going inside to do this just makes the whole process longer than it needs to. Right now I’m muting all Sony, PS5 or Nvidia threads. Sucks I have to see those on a Xbox forum. :confused: If I could have a keyword blacklist to auto-ignore threads that match the keywords in the title, that would make it much better. Thanks!

Well, we did say that although we’re a forum with an Xbox slant (clue is in the name :wink:) we welcome discussion on all platforms here.

Sorry, clue in the name to me doesn’t sound like PS5 or PC. :man_shrugging:t2: was hoping for more than just a slant, but at least I can mute the other convos, will stick around for a bit to see how it all shakes out, but if it devolves into those other forums, then I’m out of here.

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Fair comment, and obviously we’re pretty determined for it not to become what we all disliked in the first place.

Part of that is the decisions we make as the admin team, the other is how the community participates. We appreciate you giving us a shot.

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