Is there a Android video player that let's you watch videos frame by frame by tapping fast forward button?

I thought I’d make the title as specific as possible.

I’m looking for a video player for Android that let’s you basically tap on the fast forward button to see a video frame by frame (if I’m saying that right) instead of just seeing the video in slowmotion.

I’m trying to learn a pretty tricky dance routine and I have a video of my dance teacher doing the moves, but he’s too fast. I can’t keep up with the footwork. So frame by frame would be ideal. I’ve been searching the Play store quite a bit, trying apps, but can’t seem to find one. Surely there is one?

Hope someone knows.

This appears to be the best option:

Called Frameskip, and it intended to sync up stuff but can be used for per frame advancing.


This is exactly what I needed, holy shit. I clearly didn’t search properly. I appreciate this a great deal, friend. This will help me out tremendously.

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