Is Orion just vapour ware?

I find it interesting that talk about Orion dried up after the reveal. I also find it hard to believe that Zenimax could come up with a superior streaming service than Microsoft, who has the whole Azure service. Not only that but most streaming relies on banks of GPUs to do the game rendering in the cloud. Stadia had the equivalent of around 10tflop GCN cards, while MS is putting Xbox APUs into servers to do the streaming.

How could Zenimax have outlaid the money to set up a similar thing, and have it stream at 4k even?

I smell a rat.

It’s not hardware based, it’s software.


So Orion would be an add on to X cloud or Stadia? Well spank me on the arse amd call me Sally.

Mods, nuke this thread.

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It sounds like it is middleware that can be added to game engines to make them much more efficient when being streamed. Seems like it would be a real good complement to the hardware stuff xCloud uses and the potential for ML super sampling on next gen GPU’s (which can allow you to stream 1080p signal and upres it on client hw).


Hey I learned something new so it’s all good. Thanks @TavishHill


Ha, I did too actually! I didn’t know anything about it til I googled more info before replying. Thanks @Xplainin for the thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

It will become a part of Playfab etc. Has no relation to mainstream gaming news so no exposure. Simple as that.

A few in the press noted it but not a lot. Maybe it can get some spotlight on 23rd at the Future of Gaming event or whatever it is.

Yeah, probably we have higher chances to learn about it on tech events.