Is it just me or is Destiny 2's mission structure completed garbage?

I played little of Destiny 1 Taken King but I don’t remember it being anywhere near as bad as Destiny 2. I recently started playing the free to play version hoping that it could sell me on the full game but GOOD LORD I have no idea what’s going on, what to do, the map is cumbersome, the waypoints are worthless but most of all there’s never a story structure or indicator on what you’re suppose to do. All I did so far was get my Titan up to 770, then started doing strikes, timed events etc but I wanted to actually do story missions even if the story isn’t that great.

I get that since going free to play, Destiny 2 now has A LOT of content since we’re 2 expansions in with a 3rd one coming. I get the appeal of the game, that loot grind is addicting although I’m not willing to stomach a 30 FPS shooter especially after binging on APEX. Maybe I’ll check it out again when it hits the Series X with the 60 FPS patch but I really hope they fix this mission structure and make it easier to at least follow the main story.


I’m with you. I can’t work out how to play it and I’ve googled for guides and stuff but none I’ve found are low-level enough.

It shouldn’t be this difficult to work out what I’m actually meant to do. I feel like a well written one page guide would be enough to get me started.


Try this

There are five campaigns total available in Destiny 2 right now. Three are totally free and available for everyone (Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind) while the final two are locked behind DLC purchases. Whether you have access or not, I’ll explain how to start all the campaigns with the guide below. Even veterans might not know how to access the standard campaign after returning. It’s sort of hidden!

Go to Amanda Holiday in the Tower . She’s located to the east, in the ship hangar. You can select these three campaigns under Legacy Content . These three campaigns are free and available to play for beginning players of Destiny 2: New Light .

That’s what I did when I was playing it but I’ve since deleted it to make space.

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Thanks for this. Playing the red one now.

Yep, I’m really not a fan. I just played through Destiny 1 again recently and dived into Destiny 2, and it felt so disconnected. They made me a new guardian again? Was super weird.

And now doing the red war campaign and it feels kinda pointless. The story is cool, but I’m barely getting better gear.

For me it isn’t the best but the game is more about the loot.

I feel bad for brand new D2 players. If you aren’t already acclimated to the game, it’s got to be rough to just get thrown into the tower and have to figure everything out.

And because there’s now so much content, playing the older campaigns kinda feels like a waste of time.

Can’t blame new players for not sticking with the game when the onboarding process is so disjointed.

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Yeah it took me longer than it probably should have to figure out how to start the legacy campaign. I deleted it to make space but what I did play didn’t really grab me mostly because it’s clearly more of a reboot than a sequel.

I bought Destiny 2 at launch but never bought any of the dlc or expansions, so when the F2P update hit, I wasn’t sure if the mess of a mission structure was due to me not owning any extra content or if the game is like that for everyone who bought into expansions.

I’m hoping the structure is not too confusing when I play everything on game pass in a month.

Just tried to get into it since I saw it was free to play. The mission was completely unclear. Initial tutorial was good but I had no idea what I was doing after I got to the city.

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I bought Destiny 1 but didn’t buy any of the DLC’s. So I was going into Destiny 2 after a very long time and when it was F2P. I have to say I was too completely lost as there just were too many informations at the same time on screen, and when I got to the tower, there was just a bit too much to learn initially. I really had to persevere and push through to finally understand some of the things and what I could or couldn’t do.

They really have to make some kind of tutorial for new players to explain every aspects of the game.

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“UPDATE” Followed the guide that @FunkyOne posted above and started the Red War campaign. Now my bigger gripe is that the game is 30 FPS which…after being spoiled with Halo 5 and Apex…doesn’t exactly suit well with me

I may forgo the entire thing for now and wait for the Series X version to come out.

I’m with you on that. Despite the good aspects one thing I really don’t like is it how it is structured and presented to players. It is really confusing and lots of icons and things to do but you don’t know which ones 1st etc.

The mission structure in games like that has to be clear simple and concise. Unlocked missions should be coming later gradually. Here it seems like they throw everything at you and you have to cut the fat.

Playing through the Red missions and then what I’m meant to do just disappears. I think it’s cause the next part was also part of New Light so it was under there instead. Without googling I’m never working that out

I also had no idea that I could hold B for a power and in general that I could adjust all those powers. Just found that out

Gotta say though I have PS4 bedroom and being able to come up here and just continue my game is a revelation. I’ll enjoy it until the expansion packs come to Gamepass where I assume it will break a bit.

I recently went back to Destiny 2 and introduced it to a friend who had never played before.

He enjoyed the game play but man - how do you explain what’s going on or follow a story path?

Very confusing.

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I’m slowly but surely working out the actual moving around the map doing things bit of the game now.

The guides I looked at before might be a bit more useful now.

I worked out now much to my extreme annoyance that if I change weapon I lose all my ammo. Wtf.

Destiny has wayyyyy too many quests, its so confusing, needs a total revamp on that front.

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I’ve played Destiny from pre beta so have hundreds of hours logged but have found myself only logging in once a week now days and that is down to the constant bombardment of new quests for yet another new gun or armour piece. I don’t even like the new armour system they implemented its just a pain in the ass.

I really hope they start releasing good content instead of just more and more quests.

I got totally lost after beating Forsaken campaign.

Doing a few missions in the Red War campaign, the game is starting to warm up to me. I’ll beat the free to play campaigns but I won’t spend a penny on the game until I see how good the Series X version is.